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  • Zodiac system

    hello here to ask if anyone know much about the zodiac system cause im lost i click upgrade all i get is i cant upgrade anyone know how to,the cost what u get from it etc?

    Level:scion 5*

    Class/Build:AM hybrid ranger



    Server:S65 evil beast sanctuary

    You win battles by knowing the enemy's timing, and using a timing which the enemy does not expect.

    only for the ladies

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    Zodiac System is easy. There are 4 boxes.
    1st Box- Your Horoscope, Birthday & Blessing
    2nd Box- Zodiac Quest, kill MOB to get rewards, shards & enchantment
    3rd Box- The big box, is your daily random star generator in which you can a reward based on the stars. You need to cash for the 5-stars unless u get lucky.
    4 Box- You can upgrade the Hearts, when u have a 5-star from 3rd Box. When u get 5 Hearts upgrade, your blessing from 1st Box gets upgraded (there are 5 lvls of Blessing). And you make equips with the shards you get from 2nd Box.

    Also there is a guide to Zodiac System. I'm just lazy to link it.