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    Buying VIP is a gamble, but if people are willing to take the risk let them risk it. R2 currently doesn't do anything to actual scammers so why punish the people who actually are selling VIP? If they ban VIP selling then they should ban scammers too. Because in my server all the big scammers are well know, are screen shotted scamming, and are STILL IN THE SERVER.


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      The reason why the option is there on the site, is to allow ppl to *gift* other people VIP without any promise of payment , its a gift :P If the recipient of the vip *gift* chose to send you a *gift* or *donation* in appreciation, then thats fine, the word that is causing all the problems i think is *SELLING* hope this helps


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        Originally posted by catonelionheart View Post
        Curious to why selling/buying ViP is banable offense? It doesn't hurt r2 pocket anyway, and why punish everyone for few individuals mistake? Gifting can be scam also, why don't they ban that too? It make no sense what so ever. If r2 seriously gonna implement this then by all mean do it. Although I can see more then half of this game population gonna get ban. Trace every single IP that have VIP, and I bet you a ton of them is buying VIp from other players. Some countries don't have game cards nor payment option r2 offer. And if r2 make this thing bannable why did they implement another ways to get VIP, by just entering username instead of whole account. Meaning you need to log into the account TO GET THE VIP, then that is violating ToS.
        agreed with this..
        btw this is just my suggestion..
        why not make purchasing vip into like purchase mall item,like egg or pack..then it may trade to other player..
        it also may be sold in various period (1week,1month,1year)

        just sharing my thought ^^