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zodiac quest

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  • zodiac quest

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    why i can't complete my zodiac quest .. already refresh the page + re-log .. what i should do now :/

    IGN: (S23)gake671 - (S23)gake691 ( another alt page > )

    Level:75-35 ( lazy to level up )

    Class : Knight - Ranger

    Wings : Angel Lords Wings -Magic Extreme Glowing Wings III

    Server :

    Guild : Shadow Members

    Zodiac : Capricorn

    Honor : Duke - Noble

    Plane : Mortal

    ^@.@^ <@.@>

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    i get this problem lots of times ... and it usually resolves itself when you relog >.>
    IGN : (DN1)Danny
    Server: S13 Blackrock Gorge
    Level: 107+ (Eidolon)
    Class: Mage (Fire-main , Ice-support)
    Rank: Emperor
    Guild: (S26)FTW
    Pets: Teeka(gen2)+13, Baby Angel, Super Angel+13, Baby Demon, Super Demon+13, Gobbler, Crimson werewolf, Bone dragon, Boxing Bear and finally hatched a FIRE LORD O.o

    It's a nice thought to believe in a "next time". If it was a real battlefield, there wouldn't be a "next time" - Shiba Tatsuya (Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei)
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      Sometimes you may have to refresh multiple times for the quest / complete to appear , often it only takes one refresh , but occasionally you may have to a few times, just be patient and keep trying and it will pop up