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To " INFINITY%" and beyond confused.

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  • To " INFINITY%" and beyond confused.

    I had been trying to take a peek at some larger servers as the one I play on which is accessible via That server is pretty much dead and though I can't speak for the whole server, this player is becoming disenfranchised.

    On to my point: While trying to access other servers via R2's main site, I have been getting a loading screen that says "INFINITY%" and essentially sits there and buffers without actually loading.

    I wonder if it's something to do with me using Chrome with Linux Ubuntu as an OS. I also wonder How I'd go about opening a ticket for this issue since none of the servers will load for me from R2s site but the one I access through Newgrounds doesn't have any issues with loading at all.

    ( I still have no clue what the server is actually called since unlike other server's we don't have the server # by our avatars names or anything ( or maybe they are all like that?) and this has caused issues as to reporting any glitches or other such fluff. Or opening a support ticket at all.)

    Has anyone else experienced this INFINITY% issue?

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    It happens to me occasionally when I use safari , generally I just leave it for 1- 2 minutes and it loads , no issues after that , It is actually loading even though it does not look like it is :3


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      Players that have experienced this INFINITY% issue was resolved by clearing their browsers cookies/cache/history.
      Once that happens, it's still going to have that Infinity %, but it's actually trying to download all the data from the game again whenever you enter the map.
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        Also to add to BrotherVT's post... I get that sometimes as well... However it take only a few moments to actually load for me... So try not to worry too much about it.
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