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Achievements tab needs to be fixed

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  • Achievements tab needs to be fixed

    So, i have noticed that the Achievement tab isn't fully functional. When I was looking at it i noticed a few Achievements that said "one" in regards to players who completed it. But I have completed an achievment "Faith Betrayal" and no matter how many times you check it, it says non have gotten the achievement in my server, but i know that at least I have unlocked it. You might want to fix that issue, becuse sometimes it even reads that None of the obtainable Achievements has ever been completed. Just thought you guys at R2 would like to know that, I'm sure mine sin't the only server that does that.

    Thank you for your awesome awesomeness
    Game:Crystal Saga
    Server:S58 Holorn Cliff
    Level: 155-Eidolon
    Class: Knight
    Guild: N/A

    "Stay away from negative people. They have a problem for every solution"
    -Albert Einstein

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    im sure they already know that, but its not a priority. it has no effect on the game or its playability.


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      I will see what we can do about that , No promises though :P