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GM please banned

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  • GM please banned

    he can scam me and hack my account please banned GM...

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      If you have evidence of a violation of the TOS, then please file a ticket here:

      Make sure that you provide evidence to the violation.

      Thank you.

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        what i can click? open a new ticket or check ticket status? please help me


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          open new ticket>>>>>> in game problem>>>>>>> fill up the form ( i did this before )
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            The name sounds familiar, and not a good type of familiar
            Dumbmasses ;

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              how To be Scammer? what is the art of being a scammer?
              lol :P


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                Just change the password and then that/those person(s) can't scam you...
                But giving away your password to someone else who then ends up taking your stuff..... are your own fault which R2 won't do a thing about.


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                  what is have a question?ask or enter a search term here? please help me


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                    Go to, fill in the form below the line that says "OPEN TICKET", then press submit at the bottom.
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                      Yey MemoryLane didnt saw your posts too much in past few months Happy New Year
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                        how to have ticket


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                          If I had a dollar for all the people who have been called scammers and hackers, and they actually weren't, I'd be able to buy R2Games.... Don't get me wrong, I am not saying your wrong to call out a player, but if he hasn't done anything to you yet, then don't assume he will.... A lot of people are all talk and no action, so, if you have a problem first hit the name and click report, then submit a ticket with screenshots of the convo, otherwise don't clog up the forum threads with this nonsense..... I do hope you get your problems resolved.

                          Best Wishes!
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                            thank you beep!!!


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                              make your acc bound so if they hack it u can get a new password
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