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Please Fix Pet Skill Perceptiveness

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  • Please Fix Pet Skill Perceptiveness

    Dear R2 Staff,

    I increased my pet's perceptiveness skill to level 4. However, I have not seen the skill work once/work correctly since in Chamber of Fate, Delivery, Guild Resource, and level 75 dungeon. I leveled this pet skill in the hopes of spotting a cloaked rogue that plans to kill people without warning. Please address this issue. I would like to not have wasted my efforts in increasing the skill to level 4 for nothing. In addition, this is not the first time someone has reported a problem with this particular pet skill (thread with same subject posted under Suggestions & Feedback).

    The problem with the skill is that it does not seem to activate even when in battle mode. As a ranger I can drop traps to enter battle mode, but the pet would not use the perceptiveness skill unless I'm actually attacking a target. My suggestion would be to have the pet perceptiveness skill constantly being activated once the cooldown time is met. Another possibility, as suggested in the previous post would be to make the skill a passive one in which it is always ON with a constant use of pet mana to maintain its activity. However, I doubt any shadow rogues would find this second option fair to them.

    Additional Question: Since I have not even seen the pet skill perceptiveness actually work; when it does work, will the hidden rogue be knocked out of stealth or does it mean I will only be able to see the hidden rogue for a few seconds (if so how long)?

    Please respond to this thread...

    CS Gamer