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This doesn't make sense ?? or does it ??

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  • This doesn't make sense ?? or does it ??

    I merged from Nepenthor and my toon was lost in limbo for 6 days (excluding the date the server merge happened ie on the 20th of Jan) ie 21-27th jan And when i ask if there would be some compensation to this mishap what i get is 3x exp tokens. Seriously for a lvl 149 toon you think that is what i need ?? Chuck what i need let me note down what i lost subsequently. And the mod shrugs the question off saying it is predetermined by Devs. In that case the devs must be some really nice people (pun intended) . Ticket number 30438 for reference.

    Let me start with what i lost and what i was compensated with :
    1. 6 days of VIP
    2. 6 days of daily exchanges and events
    3. 6 days of dungeon runs for items that are needed to actually upgrade and are not easy to find (Dragon crystals to be precise)
    4. Rebirth quests
    5. Lost grinding time and gems for grand marshall orders(which are now a legendary drop rather than rare).

    And what i am compensated with :
    10 x 3x exp tokens

    I would like to talk to some Dev regarding this and really try reasoning with him. Since this was not an error from my side to begin with and when im paying up for stuff and im getting this kind of real low grade responses i dont see the point in spending another hundreds of Euros on the game that will actually throw debris at me under the pretext of customer support. Well i will have missed talking out on a lot of things in this post (would not seem civil imo) and would like to talk to whoever is interested (Devs/Mods etc) as and when. But seriously!!!

    To end this small essay as the people on the server say : welcome to r2 !! You will not get anything trying to fight idiots !! (thats what they say at least)

    character name : zq_bebulusha
    current server : S33 (Kraken beach)
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    This is what is serious unprofessional behaviour

    Covering up your mistakes at the cost of a customers money. Way to go!!

    *cant pull away from things
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      ZQ handed over the server to you so it is your bloody business to see that things come through as they should. And i say again " IT IS YOUR PROBLEM THAT THE CHARACTER WAS NOT TRANSFERRED AS SCHEDULED AND YOU ARE NOT LIABLE TO DO IT AT MY EXPENSE " GO FIGHT IT OUT WITH THE PREVIOUS PLATFORM IF YOU WANT TO BUT THIS FOR NOW IS YOUR PROBLEM.

      the motive of the post is just to give another example of how wrong passes for right.. Cheers!!
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