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Question on priest skill Death Cometh

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  • Question on priest skill Death Cometh

    Hi all,

    I've been a hybrid priest with the blood scion/eido skills since rebirth and was wondering if using the skill Death Cometh is really worth it...
    I'm level 74 currently so I got the skill at lvl 4.

    The skill itself says:
    "Converts a certain amount of damage dealt into HP and MATK.
    Also makes you immune to daze effect.
    Reduce damage received by 20%.
    Lasts for 8 seconds.
    Skill cost: 10% HP"

    Now if I really read this, it takes off 10% of my HP and restores some HP but I don't know how much... It gives me more MATK but it's only for 8 seconds.
    I'm not very good at seeing if I really have less damage and stuff like that but the skill just doesn't really make sense to me (taking so much hp and giving some back, that's just weird)

    Is there somebody who could explain this to me?

    Note: I'm asking about this skill not why it is worse/better than the holy scion skill. I have an alt to provide me with buffs so don't try to convince me to become holy because of buffs.

    Thank you very much in advance!

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    Description of the skill is wrong
    It's actually 8% drain rate per lv so you currently have 32% drain coefficient
    Reduce dmg received does not exist on the skill
    youll also gain 3%hp and m.atk per level so currently its 12% for you
    This skill is obviously most effective once its maxed

    Taken from my guide:
    Increases hp and magic attack by 24% and gains drain coefficient of 64% for 10 seconds. Grants daze immunity for 10seconds. CD 30sec
    Let me just say that THIS is the holy grail for priests in pvp. Unless you're getting 1-2 shotted in under a second, this skill makes you a god so long as you're attacking.
    The large drain coefficient will allow you to keep healing the damage you take and you can't be stunned so as long as you're targets not running, you're good.
    PVE + Frost is truly god mode. It can allow priests to tank 66 if they have enough hp to survive the initial attacks and give them enough time to cast/group/attack the phoenixes.
    A MUST max skill.
    Sith's Priest Guide


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      I only have one thing to add to that , you are immune to daze , but not immune to stuns from pets like charm , fierce attack ect.
      So just be aware other players pets can still stun you.
      My only dislike for this skill is that bloody acres comes with it =/


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        Okay thanks a lot sithewarrior and for your warning too MisterCuddles!

        I'm not really a pvp person but that does really sound better than what the description says^^ I'm glad you could show me the value of the skill