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Question About Marriage

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  • Question About Marriage

    So today we are planning to have a Royal Wedding but we're a little confused a bit. I looked through several other websites and forums and I understood that, to gain the Teleportation Ring and the Protection Ring if we have Exquisite Wedding and Royal Wedding only if we proposed with a Diamond Engagement Ring. But I just read this tiny part on the wiki and it confused me...

    Note: Due to an oversight in the game, a Diamond Engagement Ring will not be necessary to recieve Skill Rings. Therefore, an Exquisite Wedding would be enough for the Marriage Protection Ring, and the Royal Wedding would be enough for the Teleportation Ring.
    So does that mean I don't need a Diamond Ring to get Teleportation and Protection Ring if we book a Royal Wedding, or we'll have to divorce and remarry with a Diamond Engagement Ring so we can get the rings?

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    Whether you used silver engagement ring or diamond ring to propose, as long as it is:
    Normal wedding - will just give a love at first sight title
    Exquisite wedding - will give happy ever after title and marriage protection Lvl 1
    Royal wedding - will give forever love title, marriage protection ring Lvl 1 and teleportation ring Lvl 1

    The purpose of diamond ring is just to hasten the friendship points so you can propose right away..


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      *Bro Fists Wall* So I guess I won't have to divorce and remarry my husband-to-be and just continue our Royal today and we'll get teleportation ring. Thank you so much x3.