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Permanent bans?

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  • UntilTomorrow12
    started a topic Permanent bans?

    Permanent bans?

    There's a scary trend of permanent bans going on in our merged server and it suspiciously seems to be the result of a jealous player or players. I don't claim to know the whole story but it seems that when someone, including a friend of mine, gets something that everyone wants but takes a lot of work to get in game, they end up getting banned overnight. It sucks that my friend had cashed so much money to get her new wings and then that night was banned.

    How much does r2 look into reports to be sure that they aren't false claims? It's terrifying to be putting so much of your hard earned money into a character and then suddenly get banned overnight. There's at least 4 different people on the server that this has happened to recently, and it's not obvious if they've done anything against the rules, and it seems that they don't even know what they possibly could have done wrong. It's just really scary to think that people can put in false claims to get someone banned.

  • BlazingAngel
    If there are questions about bans then the banned players needs to file a ticket here: to ask about the circumstances around their ban. R2 will only discuss bans with the player involved in the ban, and not anyone else. Ban information will never be given out on the forums.

    My best advice is for you to have your friend file a ticket, and find out why they were banned, and if false information led to their ban then to dispute it there.

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