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New guild skill - Life Steal(Test + Question)

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  • New guild skill - Life Steal(Test + Question)

    I think this is the best place to put this. I was playing around with my alt with this skill. I was wondering:
    Is it bugged or meant to work as intended?

    Let me explain. I was testing out the damage against mobs in bloodfang village (doing a steady 500-700 dmg) and the range of heals was 170-200. Although closer to 170. So I thought maybe it was damage base. Until I wasn't paying attention and almost died, but it proced and healed me 30. Which is far from the range I had.

    It got me thinking: what made it so low compared to what I got before? So I got my hp down to 98. I hit monsters in cragstone (still 700 dmg but think they have 900-1000 hp.) I hit one monster and then it proc(I'm guessing 200-300 hp left on the monster) and healed me for 3. Since it says "restore 3% of hp" I'm guessing what it did was healed 3% of what my current hp was(rounding up.)

    So does again, is it bugged or it's suppose to work like that?
    If the latter, then I'll just state it's not best to use the skill and/or upgrade it for that matter at the current time.