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Knight's AOE skills

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  • Knight's AOE skills


    Crater Smash VS Improved saber slash. both radius are 100 but Crater Smash seems to hit even wider range then Improved Saber Slash. why is it so? Is t because of the animation of each skills? crater smash seems to hit more wider cause of the animation but saber slash seems to hit less wider due to the animations. is that why? O.o
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    Its the animation. Crater smash seems too but I am a knight they hit both hit same. Crater smash seems to go a little more but only when its fading. The edge of it does not hurt ppl
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      Interesting you say you that hill1, as I have been a knight for almost 2 years now and I can personally say crater smash's radius is bigger then saber slash's, it also depends on the angel of the target as well, I have noticed sometimes crater smash is not big when it comes to hitting what enemies above you and below you however if they are on the side or at a 90 degree angel its radius is about 150 when there on the side so if your knight is moving sideways though seems weird craters range changes. Saber slashs range is negligible and pvp wise is not useful.
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        Yes it is useful and I've been playing on the beta which means I was here for 3 years -.- same range and you mean angle not angel lol

        Interesting. For you to say that too
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          So much double posting o.0

          Saber is useless
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            both skills have the same range. as for the " it looks to hit further down than up" this is true. it LOOKS that way, but the range is the same, it is due to the angle of the game.
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