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health orbs and computer healing broken

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  • health orbs and computer healing broken

    Only about 1 in 3 health orbs work for me and they never work for my daughter. Very rarely does the computer heal me at 50% life. The computer heals my daughter more often. Any suggestions? I've unchecked it, rechecked it, cleared everything in my computer, nothing helps. I hate paying 90 coupons for 1 health orb to work out of 3.

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    Are you using Health Orbs correctly? If you have the orbs in your pack, double click them and they will be added to your current Health reserves - the bar (below your mana bar) becomes a bold red if your HO setting is set on and you have reserves. Do not place the health orbs in your AFK or on your hotbar (they do not work like Blessed Stones).
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      infact health orbs work automatically if instructed to do so,however,there has been times,where i have died in Void 16 instantly w/o health orbs even bothering to register or imo realize wth just happened :P but when it does work they die and onwards to void 17-20 with ease :P bare in mind this is solo void we talking about ^^


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        Thank you. I understand now. I thought you double clicked it and it brought your health up, didn't realize there was a reserve.


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          Not a problem. Happy gaming. :3


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            Also make sure that you have them turn on. On the right hand side to the right of the goddess icon is a little gear. If you click that, the menu that comes up, there are two boxes at the bottom, if they are checked then your orbs will work, if they are not checked then they do not work.

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