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Ugame merge lost my wife

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  • Ugame merge lost my wife

    This merger is not going the way it was said it was i have lost my guild my wife and several fellow players because there toons were not transferred over please correct these issues as soon as possible i want my friends back and my wife. grrrrrrr so not happy and when im not happy i dont spend money

  • #2
    I Also want my character transferred it seems as tho it has not. please help me solve this issue thank you.


    • #3
      I too have not got my character here please help me to get (s2)DarkStar here thanks


      • #4
        Nevermind i logged in thru S25 and it gave me my chars


        • #5
          Did you all register your toons via the NPC Kevin before the merge date?

          P.S. Please make sure you are logging into the correct server and that you are using the correct login information (user and pass) that you signed up with.


          • #6
            1.Logging through main page.
            2. For Ugamehome players→click the server (S25) and you should see your character.
            Originally posted by Dr.Q
            Hm... best Tenet level, or home mortgage payment... what to do, what to do...


            • #7
              yes we all registered with npc kevin even made sure we did by going back to it.we r trying to get on s25 server on r2 and I no my info was right when I first tried now I have tried so many things to get on I aint sure what is what


              • #8
                ppl can c my toon on there friends list and I am still in a guild and married but the ppl that r here don't have a guild or married now
                we so need so much help soon