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Lost toon in merger

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  • Lost toon in merger

    I was just merged with (s25) falling stars bluff, from ugame (s2). My toons name is kapata, a lvl 114 priest. I am a cash player, there are crystals still on the toon. My problem is that the toon didn't transfer, is there any way that you can fix this for me? I would be so grateful.

    Thank you for any help that you can give
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    Did you properly register your toon for transfer via NPC Kevin before the merge date? If not, your account was not transferred to us. If you did successfully register with Kevin, please make sure you are accessing our platform here: (and not from your original platform). Do check to make sure you're also using the login user and pass that you signed up with us with. If you have tried these and still cannot access your toon, file a ticket ( and briefly explain the situation to our ticket staff. They'll do what they can from there.
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      i can't file a ticket, cause i need a sever with a character name to proceed. and since i can't log on.... but, i can give you this info: Hello kapata,
      Welcome and thank you for joining Reality Squared Games. Please activate your account by clicking the link below:
      From now on, you may ONLY use your e-mail, to login. If you encounter any problem, please file a ticket and contact us here:
      - The R2Games Team

      this is the email that i received from you upon registering my toon.