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not loading main page crystal saga but can see forums

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  • not loading main page crystal saga but can see forums

    okie, is it just me or anyone else having issues? been trying since I logged out about 1 hour ago to refresh my page
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  • #2
    Seems to be working normally for me.
    Maybe try clearing cookies, cache ect?


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      The site has been acting up as of last night, but it should be fixed now (as I'm no longer experiencing difficulty accessing the page).


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        I can only log in on one computer. The home page wont even appear on the others. Cookies cleared and all, just a blank white screen. What's weird is its only my main computer.
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          Please be patient. Keep refreshing. It takes a long time to log in right now. R2 is aware of the problem and is working on it.

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            its not working for me either


            • #7
              ive tryed clearing cache and trying 3different computers and its not working


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                ive tried everything.. nothing is working... tried resetting modem.. clearing cache even using different computer and nothing is working..

                my question is, why other player seem to have no problem at all...


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                  According to, site is down. It's not DNS issue. We just have to wait for it to be back up. Take a break from dungeon and go shopping, Twy! Spend Dhee's money while you're at it #13
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                    just need good answer for me, how long should i wait, gave me the time will ya