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  • Guild skill

    what wrong with guild skill it saying we can only have 2 skill and we already have 3 and ment to have 4 I though.
    Last edited by HawkEye8383; 05-02-2014, 01:32 PM.

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    What level is your guild. The guild itself can purchase ALL of the guild skills, but dependent on the level of your guild depends on how many skills that you can learn. I know that at guild level 7 you can have 3 skills, and at guild level 8 you can have 3 skills, and at guild level 9 you can have level 4 skills, and at guild level 10 you can have 5 skills.

    So unless the guild that you are a member of is a level 9 guild then your character cannot learn 4 skills.

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      Ohh that's why, we got told u can have 4 skills all up. My guild only lvl 7 lol. Thanks.