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a player killng the server

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  • a player killng the server

    I was wondering if one person was so hated by the rest of the server if he could be talked to and told to at least keep decent? Or if i could transfer my toon to a different server I really dont enjoy playing with him no one in our server likes him, his name is (s63)zenith he constantly accuses people of cheating and it just makes our otherwise peaceful server unenjoyable

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    We cannot take any step towards a player unless it's proven to us that he's violating regulations. Accusing other players of cheating is not a punishable offense, and toons are not transferable to other servers. I'd suggest you place the player on ignore and learn to move on from there.


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      a player killng the server

      a player named (S63)Zenith he always accused player about piloting , hacking , glitching even he does not have evidences and he hates cashers too and he always cry about that on wc everyday !! please do something about him mods he is killing s63 & s65 (merge) Click image for larger version

Name:	ss.jpg
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ID:	1688409Click image for larger version

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        Looks like he is being a troll to me. Unless he is breaking the TOS and you can prove that he is doing so (and if that is true, then please file a ticket at: then there is nothing that is going to be done about this. Please use the ignore feature, and tell anyone else that he is trolling to do so as well.

        The best way to handle a troll is for everyone to ignore them. Then there is no one to troll.

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          this message has been approved by troll bacon
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            Thread merged.


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              the player accusing of only a few ppl or accusing everyone?

              or he think a number of ppl whom he accusing are just only the same ppl?


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                yup he is accusing one thats its the same people


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                  Like Blazing Angel said just ignore they guy!!! if everyone on the really hates him that much n everyone puts him on ignore, He will just talk to himself problem solved
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