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  • iob

    why wont it let me in island of blessing 2 days now i go to get in and it wont load me it knocks me offline i get robbed

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    There are probably too many players by the npc like always :/
    Originally posted by Dr.Q
    Hm... best Tenet level, or home mortgage payment... what to do, what to do...


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      The inability to load IOB is a connection issue for the most part. There's always an increase in server activity during IOB, and the fact that most players pop in and just hang by the NPC may contribute to you getting DC'd (if your connection can't handle the lag spike). Try hiding effects and players before you enter to reduce data traffic.


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        Island of blessing

        i have tried for 2 days now to get in iob and it wont let me in it starts loading then suddenly stops half way and wont move any farther why is this happening when its 2x dungeon week i really need the ho


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          Thread moved to General Support.

          The loading issue is occurring from your end rather than from the platform's. If you are having trouble loading events, try hiding all characters and effects prior to entering. You can also close down any unnecessary windows/tabs as well as using wired connection over wifi as it does provide a more stable feed.


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            ok ill try those options you three mentioned thanx