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Is lvl 140 holy priest skill Virtues bugged?l

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  • Is lvl 140 holy priest skill Virtues bugged?l


    I've hit the lvl 140 mark a couple of days ago and can't seem to see any effect of the lvl 140 holy priest skill.. It's a passive skill with a cooldown of 15 seconds and I just never see it being used *-*
    I just checked the 'all classes report' post about bugged skills but didn't see it there so I'm wondering if I misunderstood the workings of that skill..




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    Last I check don't think so (was about a month ago.) It has a very short aoe 'splash' damage which isn't the cd part; however, the monster have to be right on top of you almost for you to see the damage.

    The cool down refers to when you reach below 50% hp, however, it doesn't proc unless you attack with a direct attack. For example:
    1) You're standing still and your health gets to 30%, the skill will not proc.
    2) After getting your health to 30%, you use a curse, the skill will not proc.
    3) After getting your health to 30% and you use blood beam/normal attack, blood pact, or your other single target skills, the skill will proc.

    Only hard part seeing it, is that it has the same duration as a sperion 'demonic gift' proc. Goes by pretty fast. Hope it helps.


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      o_O ok totally didn't expect it to go that way x)

      thanks for the explanation!


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        Anytime, glad it was of some help =]