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  • It makes no sense

    In every other game I've played, you do the work or spend the money and you get your reward. In this game, you do the work and spend the money and you're told you failed. I'm ready to switch games. I've attempted pet breeding 12 times and don't even have a lucky star to show for it. I play for fun and I'm just getting aggravated.

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    Pet breeding is tricky business, so try checking out this guide on breeding to see if you can pick up any additional tips:
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      Thanks, but it didn't really help with my problem. I guess I'm just very unlucky and what is a 25% chance is more like a 5% chance for me.


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        Everyone has those [annoying] unlucky days, so your aggravation is very understandable -- take a little breather from your stubborn pets and give it another try when you feel up for it. As you say, you play for fun and if you're not having fun, something's wrong.