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    ... its been a while since i reported this issue.... until now it have not been resolved... it is more of the games requirement CONFLICT rather than A BUG... MONSTER HANDBOOK QUEST can ONLY be DONE when u reach level 90 since it is located at necropolis... and being lvl 90 isnt only the requirement since they hit so hard there before... at level 100 toons rebirth to eido, and to do that it requires u to abandon other quests u have atm... so we are not really "intentionally" abandoning the handbook quest BUT being "mandated" to do so to advance on next stage of our toons... and upon abandoning the said quest, IT DOES NOT GET IN THE AVAILABLE QUESTS LIKE OTHER ABANDONED QUESTS DO...

    so now my toon has almost got all items and things close to its max stage... and i got hand of god and essences just stacking up at vault... can u please do something about this issue... like when there are ISSUES that favors AGAINST game admins...

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    Thread moved to General Support.

    This issue revolving around the mandated abandonment of the Monster Handbook quest for rebirthing purposes has been addressed, for some time now. If you would like to retrieve the quest, simply file a ticket here: Include your server number and IGN and request that the quest be restored. The GMs will instruct you from there. You will also need your toon to be online during manual implementation once you and the GMs conform to a fitting time.


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      thank you for responding... i already filed a ticket but i havent got any answer yet. and i think i cant access support ticket to open...


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        If you have not received a response in a considerable amount of time, you may drop off your ticket number and I will forward it for you. You can try opening your ticket via e-mail. A link/case number should be provided in the content of the e-mail we've sent you upon submission of your ticket.


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          case #129551... thank you for helping me out on this matter, it is much appreciated...


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            If the GMs have not responded to you in say, 24 hours, it will be forwarded. Simply post back here if you haven't received a response in that timeframe.