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Rune bug?

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  • Rune bug?

    I opened the fourth star in the support on rune tab, but didn't recieve the stat bonus. And it's not letting me summit a ticket. Not happy.

    The chart that I have seen says all my stats should have a total of +942... my agility is only 780... and that's not adding tenets, or any other thing that I have with agility.... sooo... yeah... either the chart is wrong, something is wrong with the rune system, or I'm missing something.
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    If you've relogged and the stats are not adding up correctly, it's a very good possibility the chart is off by a bit. The chart was created by my colleague himself by tediously completing the Rune feature, so a numerical mistake due to human error is plausible.


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      LG bug.. was inside just now and all of a sudden it kicked me back to sg..grrrr