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question on s76

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  • question on s76

    hi . just wonderin why do's it say thursday but it say's the 29th ??? lol i thought the 29th is friday isnt it ??

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    Its according to the place where u live .Different timezones.
    for example LG in s72 is on saturday right ?. but for me its on sunday orning at 7:00 am
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      True but it's PDT time zone . on the 29th . ive been playin browser game's for 10 year's lol . ive never ever ever seen a PDT time zone start on a game for a server where it was a entire day over . that would be GMT and it would say it's GMT or UT . that's all im sayin . i know what ya mean but never ever seen a edt or pdt time zone that was 24 hour's off lol


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        Thread moved to Server Forums.

        There was most likely a simple mix-up when the GM was composing the thread.
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          so s76 will be east or west server ?


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            According to the official announcement:
            Originally posted by R2CS_Crystal View Post
            Karmic Temple will be a PvE server set on PDT (Pacific Daylight Time).