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Mall User o.o

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  • Mall User o.o

    Feel i should report this...


    Oh look he bought more stuff -.-

    I wonder if he saw this post o.o

    Is it even possibe to farm this much in half an hour?
    Yeah.... he has more
    Last edited by FullInsanity; 09-01-2014, 06:14 PM.

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    Good call, however your report is best handled via ticket here: The GMs are the ones who have the ability to ban players who violate the ToS. Attach your screenshot(s) and provide a brief description of the player using a third party site for CS purchases. The team will review the case from there and begin an investigation.


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      You cant edit and update a ticket with more pictures without spamming it.
      And its not public :P


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        You can upload your pictures to a photo-sharing site (I.E. TinyPic or Photobucket) and include the links in your ticket. I will say that posting this on the forum, public or not, will not lead to the player being looked into. You must report the player via ticket if you'd like anything to be done about their illegal activities.

        Might I add that using threats against the player is not a smart idea. Many items from said third party site are tradable. Threatening them could easily lead to them moving their items to an alt, of which they can bounce right back on their feet after the one [reported] toon has been taken care of.
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