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Server Merges with Other Newer Severs

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  • Server Merges with Other Newer Severs

    Hey there, I'm currently playing on S73, and i just wanted to put forward my idea of mergeing with S70/S72 and the other newer servers that have been released (Not the new new ones like S76 and so on).
    It's seriously getting boring seeing the same faces lol o.O Not that it's a bad thing, but, we need more competition overall to strive for success and want to beat more people.
    It's just an idea, after all, players have dispearsed into different new servers with the continuous server making (Not a bad thing)
    So thank you for listening and hope you read this
    Server: (S73)Green Plains
    IGN: (S73)Aura
    Level: 180 eido
    Class: Rogue
    Guild: 憎悪 (Hatred)

    "You can read, but knowledge is only information.
    Wisdom is translating that knowledge to application."

    K - Rino

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    Any suggestions for server merges should be posted in our official thread here: Simply suggest your server for merging; do not suggest which server(s) you'd like to be merged with. It is entirely up to the devs if, when, and with who servers are merged with. A merge is not guaranteed, but it will be considered.