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Login via Facebook for S41 Amethyst Forest

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  • Login via Facebook for S41 Amethyst Forest

    Everyday my character is missing from the login screen. I contact support via "send a ticket" and have only received one response. I have a VIP account and since I am a returning player from about 8 years ago, I do not have the same email account that I originally secured my account with.

    1st: How do I change my email and password now as I still have the same Facebook account as before.

    2nd: What can I do to make sure that my character will be on the login screen. Last night I forgot I was online on Facebook for a couple of hours and FINALLY I was able to enter the game but the rubber banding affect was so bad that I could not do anything but make 3 attempts to get to Starglade via coupon which only worked on the 3rd try but it did use 2 others attempts that failed due to server lag. I love this game and just want to play it not fight with my browser (IE) and Windows 10 and R2Games. I hope someone response.

    Character Name: Sophie (Beast Master)
    Server: S41-Amethyst Forest
    Character created: May 21, 2019
    Email: Email Removed
    Login: via Facebook game link
    Browser: Internet Explorer V. 11.504.17763.0
    Updated Versions: 11.0.126 (KB4505050)
    Product ID: 00150-20000-00003-AA459
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    Is anyone else having the same issue? What do I need to do to get my ASUS laptop Windows 10+ compatible with R2Games, Crystal Saga. Please Please Please someone help me.


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      So I have made completely sure that Adobe Flash is current and running on both Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. My character is still not showing up on the login screen. I am truly getting very impatient with all this. Some one please help me fix my login issues.


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        You will need to file a ticket with support clearly explaining what happens when you try to log on the game. West PvE S41 is currently having problems and offline. R2 is aware of the issue, and they are trying to fix it, but it's taking more time as it's a difficult problem. Once you've filed a ticket after 72 hours has passed you can private message me with your email and briefly explaining the problem to me again and I will forward your needing assistance. It is the weekend and you likely won't receive a response until Monday morning.
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          thank you so much.


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            So now the exact same thing has happened to S131 Leanna my beast master that I created on June 2. Quite frustrating a it also was a VIP account.


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              Server update today and yep, Brightjour Thicket down still. Do we get an extension on our VIP accounts when server is down? I know we got nice gifts from the Everquest devs when we were assisting on the test servers.