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  • Originally posted by POWAABOOM View Post
    That was just additional information.. The fact that the Image around "Paradox's" name is obviously altered and it cant just be a coincidence that the brown bar says it's S66 Nightmoor Hollow; 3 toons on that world chat conversation dont even exist on S65 proves its fake lol
    it is coincidence... witch explained exactly why.... and i also use that method when trolling people on my server.... try to pay more attention to all posts ^_^
    Server -Kabam English
    Char Name - World
    Level - Eidolon lvl 98
    Class - Hybrid Dodge Build Rogue(combination of a few builds)
    Guild - Reality(leader)
    no longer playing


    • hi witchy pls dont be offend on my comment about this ^^

      sir evillian is scion here already and hero correct me if im wrong ^^

      GR war NIRV vs ARMA

      #just saying have a nice day
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      • Originally posted by doymg2 View Post
        hi witchy pls dont be offend on my comment about this ^^

        sir evillian is scion here already and hero correct me if im wrong ^^

        GR war NIRV vs ARMA

        #just saying have a nice day
        I have no idea what you're trying to say..

        Are you referring to one of my videos on the original post on page 1?


        • Originally posted by R2CS_Tim View Post
          We've got a few different ways to collect November Tokens this week, along with an all new system: Tenets. Obtain Wisdom and become truly powerful. Details and links below!

          • Tamalan Arena - More Info (+1 November Token)
          • Rock the Ladder - More Info (+4 quests added to ladder, to gain 1 November token per quest level 20, 40, 50, 70.)
          • Blessed Bath Booty - More Info (blessed bath now gives +1 November token per run)
          • November Token Exchange - More Info (things to buy with November tokens)

          • Point of Interest - More Info (yay cash shop point system is back, crystal buyers only)
          • It Pays to Consume - More Info (things to buy from pays to consume, crystal buyers only)

          What's New
          • Tenets - More Info
            (Looks like a passive stat boost system, you will need to get Pearls of Wisdom and Greater Pearls of Wisdom)
            (These are available in the
            Cash shop and Crystal Ladder,Daily Hunt and Delivery.

          • Addressed bugs with the new event Warriors' Arena. The event should now be functioning properly, however please continue to let us know if you experience any problems with it.
            (unlikely but untested so far, ever since it was implemented, my server basically doesn't like it, so this might not even get tested on our server.)
            (Why won't R2 create a battleground like the one i suggested like a Land Grab battleground with all the tower capping/stealing in Land Grab and the points and effects from Sengolia, except without the winner owning all the npc's and champ bluff)

          So i went through and checked out all the events and quoted the events thread, and simply added what those events give in 1 list, the text in red is my editing
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          • LG Results today.

            Sorry all i did not fraps a video of this.
            But it was a really good fight, on both sides.
            Arma did really well.

            We had strategies all ready for this fight, and now that this fight is over, we have new strategies from what we saw them do in this LG.

            Anyway, here is the final screenshot for you all.


            • Wow...A general chat for S65...well then time to noob it up in here...

              ~Gadzooks the noob <3


              • since i dont want to spam in wc to let everyone know hungrymom main char, her alt is StockKeeper & StockHolder (im not sure tho if stockholder is hers) is a scammer, im gonna post it here since many people normally checks the thread.


                • Yikes..

                  So today we find out PESTILENCE is secretly using xTrisha account..
                  For those that don't know *PESTILENCE was removed from Nirvana for being a super creepy psycho rage monster once a month.*
                  It was a hard decision, but we didn't want issues popping up in the future because of it.
                  I mean PEST would be welcome back, just as long as he checks his attitude at the door, majority of us know this won't ever happen though.

                  So we asked xTrisha to change her password.
                  She said no
                  We asked her to stop letting people use her account.
                  She said no

                  Which is fair enough, but really only 1 choice left for either of us, coz really.. who wants to game with a girl who could be a guy.. that is so mentally unstable he kills guild mates over a 1gold plant crop in COF..
                  If she could leave the guild peacefully and go join her creepy man's guild Armageddon, then yay everybody wins..
                  She said yes to it.. but was lingering around in guild, then began threatening me with Secret angry hate from all my other members..
                  A couple of members started whispering me within minutes asking.."why is xTrisha whispering me asking me to leave guild and join Armageddon"

                  So yeah.. you never know who is playing her account.. and if PEST secretly dresses up like a girl and plays her account.. because you can't tell the difference.
                  We don't even know who was on xTrisha account at the time when she was removed.

                  Oh yeah.. she didn't even leave like she said she would.. she just sat in guild chat complaining to me.. it didn't stop, we all think it was PEST on her account yet again..

                  And that was my first 20mins when logging in today... yay weirdos..
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                  • i cant post the image since it exceed the limit size


                    • I'll have an investigation started on PESTILENCE and xTrisha sharing accounts.
                      The King doesn't fall so easily boys


                      • Originally posted by R23313333 View Post
               i cant post the image since it exceed the limit size
                        It is well known that this player is a scammer, this person has 3 alts, and each of them advertise shop items randomly or try to sell ugc's
                        Unfortunately if you do manage to get this person banned for scamming.. and they're alts.. they will just make new accounts and do it again, they probably won't even get their main account banned anyway.
                        Im not sure why the main account would not get banned for this, maybe they used a loophole with buying stuff in their shop.
                        Like buy the goods in their shop, then they sell the goods back to their shop at 1copper..
                        Im not sure if this would work.. but if R2 cannot find the main character with this minor loophole.. then Scammers will always play on R2 games..

                        Everything they stole from you is lost, you cannot get it back, regardless of how much proof you provide..

                        Originally posted by BrotherVT View Post
                        I'll have an investigation started on PESTILENCE and xTrisha sharing accounts.
                        Interesting.. i didn't know this was illegal.

                        For more information on the R2 - TOS..

                        Here is a little note i would like to share..

                        At the time your Account is opened, you must select a password. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password and are responsible for any harm resulting from your disclosure, or authorization of the disclosure of your password or from any person's use of your password to gain access to your Account or Account Name. At no time should you respond to an online request for a password other than in connection with the log-on process to the Service. Should it be determined that you did reveal your password to a person who is not you, R2Games reserves the right to disable the account.
                        Granted R2 probably won't do anything about this.. because i have been told openly on worldchat it is LEGAL.. and R2 does nothing about this, even if you break this rule.
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                        • Im not planning getting my money back and reporting will also not help because R2 dont do things to ban scammer. It was also my fault being scammed for being careless. Im just letting everyone know that he is a scammer and cannot be trusted.


                          • Teh Profanity :c
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                            • Lol

                              Sup weirdos o-o


                              • Oh lol, i thought that pic was funny, wasn't aware it broke rules

                                Basically it was a couple of kids dressed up in Batman and Superman costumes and it looked like they were not happy with each other