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Crystal Saga in Brazil

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  • Crystal Saga in Brazil

    Hi R2g, Im just a player from Brasil and I think you guys should bring a server to Brasil. Why? Because at least on my server are a lot of brazillians and they all say: If I payed in Real and not in Dollar I would put cash put here but is too expensive. Like: 5 dollars are around 26 reais and dat's a lot so if u guys bring Crystal Saga to Brasil you guys will get a lot of money, + player's and it will be more fun to the players. So think about dat.

    My name is Pedro and im out.


    Think about it!

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    Crystal Saga in Brazil

    Please bring the saga to the crystal Brazil, several Brazilians are quite addicted to the game feel more difficulty in translating from English to Portuguese .... If you have seen it many thanks.

    -Goten s85


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      R2 is licensed to only host CS for the United States. You can browse around for more suitable platforms if you find our version too pricey/difficult for you to adapt to.


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        Let's Go Crystal Saga to Brazil.

        Hello, this post is to ask R2GAMES the arrival of the Crystal Saga to Brazil.
        I really like this game, I would love to have you in my language ...

        I appreciate everyone's attention.


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          see Rev's reply...


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            the Brazilian version called "Crystal Wing" failed man his old platform due to scandals moderators editing other players, so many Brazilian players are looking for other versions of crystal saga, we asked us earnestly to r2 games that put in its Brazilian platform crystal saga game translated


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              R2 legally cannot open servers for any other country aside the U.S. No amount of support will change that fact.
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                Good day, I came to ask the coming of the game "Crystal Saga" to Brazil, like many Brazilians play the game, they could translate it in Brazil for the best gameplay of Brazilian plays! #CrystalSagaInBrazil

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                  No amount of rallying will change the fact that R2 is licensed to only host CS the U.S. For those of you still hoping for your cause, please re-read my responses and understand that it cannot and will not happen.

                  Good luck with our version.
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                    crystal saga going to Brazil

                    selling crystal saga for Brazil please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please


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                      Crystal Saga in Brazil

                      R2games I wish you could bring the crystal saga for Brazil because many people who play the game are Brazilian if you conseguicem bring the game to ca you would have a lot of players and would bring more fun to the Brazilian


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                        you guys are stubborn xD


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                          Crystal Saga in Brazil

                          R2games I wish you could bring the crystal saga to Brazil, why so many Brazilians love this game but what's in Brazil n is the crystal saga and it's too bad he please bring the crystal saga to Brazil many Brazilians go be happy


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                            Crystal saga in

                            Hello , I really like the way cr2games platform for looking after the crystal saga and I come here to ask a question , you have thought of expanding this game to Brazil in Portuguese ? There we have a company that provides us with the game , but they do not treat it seriously and are only interested in profits , it have a lot of cash players who spend a lot of high values ​​, but we want a fair platform and who can manage the game , you have to possibility of going to Brazil?


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                              Originally posted by valdeirluzsouza View Post
                              you have to possibility of going to Brazil?
                              0% chance. Refer to my previous posts.