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my super dupper suggestion for game

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  • my super dupper suggestion for game

    I have 2 general suggestions for the game
    I'd like a guild boss for guilds to do. I'd like the guild boss to be have different strengths and levels so all people not just insane casher can do it. I'd like it to be like a once a week type of thing and be an event that gives to everyone in the guild. Like for example a lvl 1 guild boss would give like 2p to all guild members if beat or if possible make it give 200 crystal to all guild members if beat then the lvl 1 boss could be weak so non casher or people just starting out could do without having someone basically do it for them. Lvl1 could be like 50k stats but i also want it to get harder at higher levels and give better rewards (scaling) to say. lvl 1 -2 could be for non casher or people starting out by once it get to like lvl 3 it should start getting harder nd require team work or just cash to beat. like my idea for a lvl 10 guild boss for be a boss that has like 100000b hps with 85% damage reduction 7000 crit defense give it a bunch of attack and defense, have a huge heal like 75% heal that u have to stop. give it aoe nukes u have to dodge so u cant just sit there nd hit afk or disable afk all to gather alone with frag procs bbk procs and death spirts. In return for killing a lvl 10 boss give out a good reward if it suppose to be a hard fight that happens once a week it should give something good ( possible make it give you a choice of a pack u want like 4 different type 150ss in each pack then u can chose different one for what u want ( for example pack 1 150ss 25 puc)( pack 2 150ss 25guc)(pack3 150ss 25g mut) pack 4 150ss 25apuc etc u get the picture) and for each level complete is 1p to the guild so lvl 5 is 5p to each member active online or in the fight and let the area have and entire guild of 200 in it but boss scale to guild sizes
    make it reduced damage and gain bonus hps per member in there say u get god forbid a 100 guild member in on the boss the boss get 85% dmg reduction 35% extra attack 100% extra hits points at 20 member in guild boss it has 80% damage reduction 50% extra Hotpoint's and 15% increase damage 150 and up member 85% damage reduction 150% extra hit point( +1 % per extra member 160 would be 160%) 85% crit chance 300% attck speed
    but at the same time u can give the same packs for the lower lvl boss just not as much of a reward

    id like to have a type of heaven tower to call it i guess would follow crystal ladder but alot harder nd better rewards
    however id like it to be challenging not just the afk and win thing that u got pretty here make it so u can have party a nd make it so the difficulty scales off your stats
    say for lvl 1 you enter and mobs spawn with 50% of your player stat or if you go in a party they gain 10% per member so if u go with full team lvl 1 has 100% of the team( stats)
    lvl 2 would start at 75% and same with team each member give 10% extra stats
    lvl 3 be 100%
    lvl 4 would be 150% stat
    lvl 5 would be a mini boss level would be a pretty much floor with a tank boss a healer boss and a dps boss but the tank has a buff that cant be removed and redirects all damage to him and the heal would actually heal the tank they would be 200% stats the tank boss would actually be tank type boss when u get it to like 45% it use a skill that reduce all damage taken by half give it a skill that will reflect all damage receive for like 5s etc give it some mechines to the fight and not just hit the afk button
    lvl 6- 9 would be a 25% increase each lvl
    lvl 10 would be the end of it for the time being. lvl 10 would be a 5 on 5 fight with the mobs having a set damage reduction of 75% no way to reduce it and a set crit defense of like 6700
    the event should be hard so id like decent rewards maybe for each lvl cleared u get a pack that give 10ss 10 gm ut 10 puc ,10guc per pack then a different pack u can choose for if u got max gm ut mount max pixie etc 10ss 10 am ut 10 apuc 10 aguc

    I knew this will most likely never happen but id like to see some actually gameplay brought to the game and not just afk bring some challenge and make it worth the time nd effort put into doing it.
    I also like all frag procs all death spirts bbk proc anything that would take a % of hit point away on these disabled so u can just pop a do and instant win or frag proc all it hps away. Once you get so strong there really no challenge to the game but pvp anymore but there really isn't much of that anymore expect maybe lg maybe we could get a pve event that could be challenging but not impossible and give good rewards. To be straight forward the game does the same events in the same order pretty much nothing new but the random new system to get people to spend more money but there isn't any real challenge to do once you get so strong dungeons aren't a challenge and even ladder becomes just simple and afk though it

    chef out