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Priest should change!

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  • Priest should change!

    Priest have a lot inferior on everything.


    priest vs knight-
    priest can't tank knight so just kite it but knight just need drag, stun, attack then priest die.
    also knight can debuff you then you will have nothing!

    priest vs priest-
    just try attack fast as you can?

    priest vs mage-
    never try it but mage can debuff you too

    priest vs ranger-
    same as against priest?

    priest vs rouge-
    once you get stun or too close. 99% you will die !

    Slayer set only give cast speed. i am blood priest, so why i need cast speed? how does cast speed can help me DPS if i am using blood beam?
    it doesn't care people who play blood priest.

    1 sec to do one attack
    0.9 sec for ranger to do one attack
    0.8 sec for knight and rouge to do one attack
    PS: i forgot about mage

    ranger, knight, and rouge have attack speed on slayer to help DPS.
    what priest have ? cast speed? how much help?

    if you told me to use light beam then light beam attack rate low. it cost lower chance to active frost skill = low DPS

    Avernal Realm-
    if priest can't do well on DPS then what Avernal Realm can for priest?
    because there is no balance buff then the inferior start show up~
    a priest and ranger have almost same gear but priest have better wings and mount. priest STILL LOSE!

    a hellwing priest lose a bear ranger--->What does it mean(?)
    what chinese version did on priest.
    1. Grace also can give dmg to emeny
    2.light beam cast time drop to 0.8 sec
    3. blood beam duration drop to 0.9 sec
    4. bloodflow get 4% matk each lv
    5.enhanced circulation get 1% physical attack reducing
    6.bloodguard get 1% each lv
    there are a lot change on chinese server....
    PS: I am talking late stage not beginning of the game
    If you really play hard on priest then argue me

    people have same gear then priest are the weakest.
    when new dungeon release, priest is only one can solo dungeons but soon other class can do faster than priest.
    people easy to get overstep priest

    people either give up priest then play other class, people will quit the game or people will accept the fact priest are nothing except for ladder.

    7/8 add:

    blood priest rebirth skill have bug. it say can reduce attack by some % but it didn't work. I did reported to R2 then wait. R2 still not fix it yet.

    I hope at least have some GM reply this thread otherwise I will just feel R2 ignore priest.....

    also Chinese version did change formula on crit def and i think it is make for fair to other classes? but I am not what different before and after they changed.

    7/10 add:
    one of green status on frag weapon give HP regen...
    when you max up the weapon it give you 100ish HP regen.
    hmm.... what does it can do - -?
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    Renfa that all...
    I am non-cash player

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    Goddam you're so right, and yeah I'm a scion lvl 100 with purple slayer set & Hellwing + Angel Lord Wings so I know what we are talking about. Btw. I semiquit my old server and did a fresh start just becouse of this priest's ridiculousness. Seriously, I compared some sets other classes gets more defenses from slayer set and what priests get? Maybe 1000 hp more than others, and you think that helps? You're wrong.. Why the heck give us the worst deffs, attack, and even healing (rangers have even better heals) Think a bit about the situation for us priests....
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    Stalkers OP.

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      haha i agree with tht and also i encounter tht part with knights and rouge

      but priest is only for support ...

      read their description at the start ...

      it says they are only for support..


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        Yes change the priest! add more skills to fight any class and especially ranger!! we always run to ranger!!


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          I love being a priest! that why I agree to him!


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            I was thinking the same thing,and i did come up with this unbalaced issue about BLOOD PRIEST.
            This server are more Focusing on Holy Priest in term of PVP Gear (Savage,Slayer) Fragarach Weapon (for priest)
            To be honest with R2 and everyone else, Blood priest is totally different from Holy priest (Blood Priest is a DPS,High HP,High PDEF)
            wich can tank and also can deal good dmg aswell...and what i suggest R2 PLEASE make another set just for Bloodpriest (Pvp and Fragarach staff)
            remove all the nonsense Heal %,Casting and etc wich blood priest doesnt need,what we need is Mattk %, Attack Speed % INT,END and HP
            Also in the Soul Development,please do remove some **** about healing..duhh we blood priest dont need the healing things..i hope r2 can consider changing the game abit......

            Click image for larger version

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            | Bloody Evil Priest |


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              For my priest I just max light beam and hope I crit pretty much lose to all classes in everything though but guess it's because support


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                Any Class
                Get silenced=you die
                Get stunned=you die
                Get pulled=you die
                If you want good pvp DONT play this game it's 100% unbalanced, no-one should ever be able to 1-2 shot someone with the exact same gear at max level.
                The problem isnt with any class's defense, its the simple fact that every single class in the game can 1-2 shot other level 100's. It simply isnt possible to heal through 100k+ crits when everyone who actually has a geared char has 50%-90% crit in seng, and every class excluding priests can spam 6 skills in the span of 3 seconds because there isnt a proper global cooldown to ensure that this isnt possible.

                This version of the game is scaled way down from the CN version(Demon lord wings give 18k+ attack on CN version and mounts give 100%+ boosts), so they EN version did slightly try to make the game more balanced. It didnt work though, every class in the game scales up to ridiculous levels if you put true effort into your character; even if you dont spend the insane ammounts of cash some people do.
                Rouges- Have a 5 second stun, 40-70% crit easily, and can get 150%-170% attack speed at lvl 100 with pvp gear, can re-stealth in combat, spammable skills
                Rangers- Get a silence, Strong Shot crits 150k-200k+, spammable skills
                Mages- Meteor hits 100k+ and stuns(just why r2?), AOE's hit 100k+, and a plethora of other lovely spamable skills
                Knights- Have a pull that has a range of 450 maxed, get a stun, get a skill that can immobalize the target, have 40-70% dmg reduc, spammable skills
                Priests- LB hits 100k+ on crit, Healing(useless in pvp)
                All classes- get 50%+ crit in sengolia if you put real effort into your character, no class can live past a 3+ second stun

                ~Posted on wrong account~
                Lvl 100 scion priest with full purp +11 some +13, +13 orange wep, hellwing lvl 11, angel lord +4, 770+ soul, non-casher
                I've been playing since the games initial release, and am sad to say that i only log on to do ladder and bath my alts so i can make 5 SS the next day.
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                  Lets really talk about how grace is such a ridiculous heal skill... when i can use light heal and heal for more in 6 seconds than 1 cast of grace...

                  when you compare the stats of priests to other characters .. there should be no way that some people should be able to kill you..

                  I see the skills these other characters have.. theyre crazy and a lot of them have no cast times.. the only sad thing is im not really sure that R2 can do anything about changing the skills... but btw im almost positive that the blood priest rebirth skill is broken.. it doesnt work right... will it ever be fixed? or do they not care at all about blood priests

                  and dont even get me started on the priest offhand... what a waste of my time forging ... all other characters get attack .. more hit rating..def... we get 1000 hp... really?

                  perhaps we all should have made rogues since thats what it seems the game has favored
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                    i just looked.. why is it that the other games grace does damage... whyyyy does ours not do damage?
                    Class- Priest
                    Sever - Kaymo Mountain
                    Guild-(S3)Legends --- Mythical 4 Life!


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                      and the cast time is .5 seconds...............
                      Class- Priest
                      Sever - Kaymo Mountain
                      Guild-(S3)Legends --- Mythical 4 Life!


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                        but...longer cast time gives ppl more time to kill you


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                          I haven't even bothered with unlocking Grace on my priest, and it's mainly used for healing in Ladder, otherwise blood skill-tree: I agree on the fact Bloodpriest should get Attack speed and less Cast speed from the gear. Most priests, even most holy ones, still stick to Blood Beam instead of Light beam (especially with Arctic blast you want as many hits in as possible).

                          Although I have encountered the same problem for Nature ranger: We either synthesise a knight/ranger-armor which gives STR and atk spd, or synthesise the priest/ranger-armor which gives INT but cast spd. Also Nature does not use cast speed so it's pretty useless eitherway.
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                            I totally agree with misskimmer on this. Like really why is it that priests are so weak compared to other classes. It's really disgusting the lack of attack skills a holy priest has and how long the ones they do have take to cast and cool down. I'd really like to see some improvements to the priest in general
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                              I made the remark on 'grace' in the past about how useless it is as a lv 70 skill but guess what - thread gets collects dust and gets ignored!!l geez...

                              I agree to everything mentioned here. priests need serious balancing. When I was a lv 90 scion priest with hell wing, I freaking can't even pvp with a lv 70 rogue... just whats' the meaning of this???

                              please respond and do something!
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