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Feedback on (Quit) Bossing Me Around

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  • Feedback on (Quit) Bossing Me Around

    wow really?
    are you serious?

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    Feel like im at a recycling center, would you like my cans and bottles with your over used events?


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      woah o.o
      me loves the rewards but its gonna be hard as higher ups ksing D:
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        please no WB quest again...
        currently ranger with weird soul


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          gonna miss the hunting boss like what i did back @ joyopark
          I Hate JOYOPARK


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            This event is ** only for op players. I have barely been able to get a wb since this stupid event started. Op players ksing that have been waiting litterly for over an hr. STOP with the lame wb events unless ur going to make it fair for ev1. 5 god damn weeks of this freaking ****
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              Originally posted by Dysfunction View Post
              Feel like im at a recycling center, would you like my cans and bottles with your over used events?
              Lmfao dys i was thinking the same thing
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              class-Priest holy hybrid
              level- Eidolon 149
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                If you keep planning on extending this event, you should do two things:

                1) Spawn rebirth bosses first. This prevents the higher levels and cashers from stealing the rebirth quests because they are usually at Raven, SR, etc.
                2) Spawn the bosses faster, so we're not waiting there for 90 minutes for a boss to spawn ~ there's lots of dailies/dungeons to do in a day... This takes up too much time.
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                  And yet again r2 has bent up over and then they tell u post in suggestion so we can get feedback from community and they still do ***. pff* its like dealing with robots
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                    why isn't this a party reward instead of just the last to kill it? stupid event if you ask me, if you have 5 in the party to kill it only the last to hit gets the reward... dumb dumb dumb


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                      lol not this event again
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                        Feedback on (Quit) Bossing Me Around

                        Hihi, I have given my feedback regarding the above mentioned event by filing a ticket. R2 would like to receive feedback from the community as a whole and suggested to me to post my ideas and suggestions here, so I'm doing this. Please don't be offended by my suggestions, especially those pros who have benefited from this event. I just want this event to be more fair so that everyone benefits from it and is happy about it. Here's what I have filed to R2 regarding the event.

                        This game is unfair due to several reasons.

                        1) Mostly the pros managed to kill the bosses and get the rewards. The not-so-pro players only wasted their time and afk hours there to wait for the bosses.

                        2) Different bosses respwan at different timing, allowing the pros to kill more than one bosses and get almost all the rewards for different bosses.

                        3) The bosses only appear twice a day and so many players are fighting to kill the few bosses. In the end only 10 players can get the reward for killing a boss (or even lesser since the pros don't even want to party others). In addition, same player can successfully kill more than one bosses, so even lesser player benefit from this event.

                        4) Players with rebirth quest to kill Ice Queen, Amarog and Fallen Angel have even lesser chance to complete their quest as others who don't have the quest are also competing to kill the boss for the event.

                        5)This event has been going on from 18 Apr 2013 (Bossing me around)and Quit Bossing me around (from 9 May 2013. It is still the same event though the rewards are different. So many players (those who need to complete rb quests and not-so-pro players) are in a disadvantage position for 4 weeks already and mostly the pros have benefited from this event for 4 weeks.

                        My suggestions:

                        1) You could limit to one reward collection per player, no matter how many bosses they kill. For example, if they kill Ice Queen and Fallen Angel, they can only collect the rewards for either Ice Queen or Fallen Angel. They cannot collect for both.

                        2) Let the bosses respwan more often so that other players can get the chance to kill the bosses, but you will need to limit to one reward collection per player, no matter how many bosses they kill. If not the same problem will arise again.

                        3) Remove the rewards for Ice Queen, Amarog, and Fallen Angel so that those who need to do rb quest do not have to compete with others for this event.


                        Reduce the chances of scion/eidelon to get rb quest to kill the bosses and increase the chances of them getting other rb quests e.g. ladder, vulture blood, soul crystal.

                        4) Let all the bosses spwan at the same time. This is to ensure that players can only kill one boss as they can only be at one place at a time. More players can then benefit from the event.


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                          Totally agree. only a few players can actually complete bosses rebirth quests. its unfair though to remove the right of collecting the rewards for rebirth bosses. best if reward limit is 1 boss per day and more boss spawns for people to complete their quests, since in most server players are scion+
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                            I definitely agree. Just counted the no. of ss that they will get from just this event if they manage to kill all 7 bosses once per day for 14 days (2 wks of same event), they will get 2002 ss by the end of 2 wks. This is definitely so unfair. We cant even get a single rb pack if we keep getting the rb world boss quest, let alone a single ss from defeating the easier world boss Torvo the hungry. R2 should really do something about this.


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                              Lol, this sucks. Why do we even try? I can't wait until they apply some original ideas.