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loot overkill...

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  • Toki-sama
    started a topic loot overkill...

    loot overkill...

    hey guys,

    so I was wondering if it would be possible to implement an extra option to uncheck quest item pick up?
    or if these drops are a bug to fix them?

    I mean optional quest triggered by this might be cool... but there are also drops that are only useful for one quest and even after this is finished and turned in the stuff still drops over and over again...useless for afking. Also some of them are used for gq's to so if you have to kill a lot to collect a special item ...u.u°

    ( list of mean mobs...
    falling stars bluff= narwal beetle, razorbeak,rock puppets
    altar of sacrifice= detheran dragons
    tundara = frost ogre, ice puppets
    twilight caverns lvl 1,aquatic crypts lvl1.. etc )

    (I apologize if some of the names aren't fully correct and I don't remember all the mobs....o.o°)

    if this option is to complicated to initiate, it would be nice if you at least extend the maximal stack from 99 to 250?
    it would help a lot if my inventory isn't filled with arctic holy book pages 1-3 â 99x 3 backpack pages

    oh and yes I'm aware that I could change the option to green items but this would mean I would not pick up potions for me and my pets that I surely need...
    Last edited by Toki-sama; 08-07-2012, 04:49 AM.

  • Toki-sama
    hm would be a nice feature but it sounds difficult to implement....both dag's and the one that should get a nick xD
    yours would maybe work if you could set it like this:


    oh as far as I know weapons are always more worth, right? so a split weapons/gear collect option could get a similar result for you too

    an option working as 'everything above 1c' might be a solution yes, at least for me.
    although what JessieAileen said is can't even sell some of the quest items that drop without ending
    so I would probably still collect items that can not be sold, without having a quest for it.

    I don't even know why most of them drop...u.u° because usually it works just fine that the items only drop if you have the specific quest for for example DiV( aDay in Vidalia)
    Last edited by Toki-sama; 08-15-2012, 10:30 AM.

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  • R22260316
    I also think a min sell gold might be nice.

    I don't care about blue/green/gold, etc... Sometimes a normal item will be worth more than a green item (when selling back to NPC).
    So, I'd personally like the option to say equipment -> above (enter sell price)
    This would also get rid of the quest items problem since those usually sell for 1 copper.

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  • JessieAileen
    I think this is a very good idea. It really sucks when you check your pack and you have like 8 stacks of a quest item, and its not like you can sell it. And the ones that you can sell are only worth 1c so that is def not worth it either.

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  • MrEvolve
    i personally like the idea alot, i get overfilled on items too in afk mode. it would also be nice if we could input names of the items we don't wish to collect, but that would mean alot of work... anyway, the idea is awesome and i totally support it *thumbs up*

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  • Virtue_Sigil
    Doesn't seem like many people saw the thread, giving it a bump to see if it gains any support. I like the idea a lot especially the option to choose to opt in or opt out collecting quest items. Sure the AFK Mode allows you to avoid looting these items but we want to be able to loot potions and ancient coins for wishes. etc

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  • venomeh
    Max stack extension from 99 to 250 and ignore option for quest item drops would be nice adds.
    Last edited by venomeh; 08-07-2012, 04:24 AM.

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