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Ginormous list of overdue implementations

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  • Ginormous list of overdue implementations

    The game has been up for almost a year now, and since the early days there were various implementations and bug fixes... R2games has worked hard (i hope) to make this game enjoyable, and they do LISTEN (really) to suggestions (selectively though, unfortunately).

    Anyhows below is a list of implementations that should long have been implemented. Please just fix those damn annoying things.

    1 - Loot selling: asking for confirmation on blue and even gold equipment is a major annoyance and time waster. The game has long moved to a different stage and no one even bothers with keeping those items anymore. Better still, the game desperately needs some kind of mass selling button.

    2 - Pathing: auto-walk across maps is a great feature, but only when the toon takes the shortest possible that path. Please, just send someone to sit down for half and hour and correct the various checkpoints across the map

    3 - Maps: come on, how hard is it to maintain 2 more instances in a few more town maps. It just doesn't make sense that we have to squeeze within a tigher space in certain maps at all. You've already saved a load of server resource from server merges. Please give us what we deserve. Also, the instance 1-10 in certain maps is absolutely redundant.

    4 - Disconnection in dungeons and ladder kicks you out of map: this is the most ridiculous and frustrating feature ever, please just get rid of it altogether

    5 - Entering maps on a mount: Honestly, there is no Bunny Wabbitsâ„¢ meaning to this feature other than to **** people off.

    I really dont see how hard it is to implement these. and i'm sure there's a lot of little things here and there that people have suggested. R2games, I f**king beg you, please do something to get this ******* game right!

    here's more!

    6 - the running banner/message in the middle of the screen: PLEASE STOP IT FROM BLOCKING OUR CLICKS!

    7 - self toon: please make it invisible to clicks also because the bigger is your mount/wings/dress, the harder it is to navigate and target things! it's not like clicking on oneself does anything anyways...

    8 - the dragon wheel window: it is rideonkeylously oversized. for people with a smaller screen that ginormous blob swallowed the entire screen. plz shrink it and also trim down the invisible space window space around it - similarly if you have a soul window open and overlaps the inventory bag, half the inventory bag is not clickable EVEN WHEN YOU CAN SEE THE ITEMS!!

    9 - title bonus: plz add a 'favourite' or recent list so we can readily find the buff we want rather than navigating through the huge list of useless titles to waste time...

    10 - letting us pick up things into the same stack even when the bag is full (i.e. potions, pc, wings, etc). this is ridiculously easy to implement yet i recall a response from r2games saying that this is a difficult implementation. really, you already wrote a program to suck thousands and thousands of bucks out of innocent kids, please make their life in the imaginary world you created a little less miserable.

    thx for support - here's more

    11 - the trade channel. it's an excellent example of a brilliant idea implemented by drunk programmers. what this thing became now is just a world chat in a different color. what it was SUPPOSED TO DO is this:
    - 0 second cool down chat time (or 1-3 seconds of wait time in between message)
    - text in that channel ONLY SHOWS UP if you view the trade tab
    - bonus feature: detect Trade/T/WTT/Buy/S/Sell etc messages and automatically move them from wc into trade chat

    12 - auctioning: that npc has been there since day 1 and ABSOBunny Wabbitsâ„¢LUTELY nothing was done on it. to me (lv 100 scion) there doesn't seem to be any need to auction things (there's nothing that's rare...), so why dont you just get rid of it to save map space...?
    Last edited by Hotmilk; 08-09-2012, 09:01 AM.

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    I agree with all of these things! ^^


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      no disagreements. suggested some of them too. xD *thumbs up*
      ....except come again with number 6? o.o°

      I love especially the 7 right now xD I just got a seiryu (7days) I love it no complaints there it's huge, pretty to look at and all XD
      but... have you ever tried playing with that thing? o.o° selecting npc's....harvesting crops u.u° your own *** is in the way of almost everything because you just keep clicking on yourself.
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        Dude that list, AWESOME !!!! The 6th one, WOW !!! i really hate that one when im in seng, i want to move the character to a safe location, Oh hi im the banner spamming stupidity and i wont let you move, ohh im sorry i got you killed . I HATE YOU BANNER !!


        Lvl 50

        Celestial Peaks


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          I'm cool with your list and all, but thought I'd let you know that there's an edit button for a reason.
          The King doesn't fall so easily boys


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            love your bunny wabbits <3


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              Oh why thanks C;
              The King doesn't fall so easily boys


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                the best part is, though, watching these suggestions get ignored. it's not the first time they were brought up, and ignored, so... keep ignoring them r2games, just keep ignoring them.


                • #9
                  They haven't been ignored. Not every suggestion will be implemented. Not every suggestion that will one day be implemented takes priority over other things already in the works.

                  LOTS of suggestions from the forums have been implemented lately. If it's good enough and the community wants it then it will happen in due time.
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                    Bunny Wabbits... Laughed very hard! hahaha, anyways nice suggestions~, it will be great when the time comes when all of those are implemented =p

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                    • #11
                      - Chat filter to view only select chats would be nice too, I like browsing my guild chat but I'm always paranoid someone's whispering me without me seeing it, and I don't want to be spammed by world and trade chat D:
                      - Having a ignore list maximum is kinda redundant when I want to ignore all the spammerrrss in town and I have to stop and make rooom D:<
                      - An option to list friends alphabetically, by friendliness points, or level would be nice too, sorting through the list can be rather obnoxious.
                      - Talaman Arena is never utilizied anymore.
                      - Misclicking chat and getting a link to the forum, or the screen and getting a link to "Like CS on Facebook" Or "Buy Crystal" Can be a real bother.
                      - Before Land Grab occurs, guilds can spam nimbus reserves until they get back in at like 7:59P.M. Might I suggest adding a cap to the amount guilds can use?
                      - Nobody wants bound socketing rods from dragon coins, and even if you do, having to "unbound" Them is entirely redundant and painful.
                      - An option to invite people in the guild window to the party would be convienent.
                      - The Server Clock is always two minutes ahead of the actual time and events are even another 2 minutes ahead of that.
                      - I always get annoyed when I get a VIP ad when I log in even though I have VIP. (It's the little things ;D)
                      - Maybe don't focus on making so many new servers, the old ones are slowly dieing Dx
                      - Implement rebirth sooooon -> We're all bored.
                      - Why are there extra pixie spaces in the pixie bar? And we don't even have pixie expanders for the ones that are closed.
                      - Implement Pet Soul!
                      - For events that are intollerably laggy (Avernal) Can we make the hide effects hide literally, all effects, (No curses, flame aoes, or even own attacks being animated)
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                        out of all of them I agree with the banner getting in the way, but most of everything else i can ignore or work around


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                          i'm not really gonna argue but these are some of the suggestions that have been mentioned in the early days. they're SO EASY TO IMPLEMENT from the programming perspective and really, as a loyal fan of this game (i've been here since the initial release) i sincerely hope that r2games will make a positive strategic move, not necessarily for the money but rather to please the crowd:
                          a) release a 2-3 week long event
                          b) meanwhile, this time to polish up the codes and fix these LONG OVERDUE implementations. they aren't even suggestions, these are high priority fixes that need looking into such that they won't eventually become annoyances/poor experiences that will make people quit this game. people like this game enough to pay and play, plz do us a favour and fix these things. also, you asked us to "like" you, well make these "likes" well deserved!
                          c) also, it'd be good to polish up the codes so that the internet browser wont become a giant unstoppable memory hog after having turned on for days, though this on the other hand i really see this as a long term thing and i'm sure the community will appreciate any efforts to polish up the codes.


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                            i are with the thing said but from what i have seen is R2 just wont responed constructively they just want peoples cash for doing as little work as possible and it not that tiring sat down to work a keybored lol


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                              +1 to this