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    This is one of the Best one I saw so far and it should be implemented it will be a great one for all players <3
    Life too short to live with regrets


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      gotta love windows 10 now just gotta get used to it

      Click image for larger version

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        Slapped in the face yet again - they moved the lottery icon about an inch to the right.
        Seriously? Really? Do you really think that is a fix?!?

        So you are not blatantly ignoring us - no you seem more to be aware of issue and yet unwilling to address what the ENTIRE CUSTOMER BASE has asked for -
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          In addition to quarter master tokens, lottery should be made permanent and an in game icon pushed off to another space. Preferably under magic tower...Elementals should be placed under beast soul.... Make them tight together at that. Lottery tokens can be obtained by many ways depending on how r2 decides. Rewards can be things like gpow or ares shard, or even soul of ares. The list can be long, kinda make it like a dragon hunt but using lottery. Pucs,Divine wings, Pro wings... all kinds of stuff could be implemented in the lottery. Also add a chance of X10 , X20 , x30 or more of the amount of given objects, depending on rarity. Some of the new features like wonderkinds could aslo be obtainable by this feature, since we all no it only cash atm.. That being said, merge all pvp server east, ty for your time.


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            Originally posted by Gabote View Post
            You should see this
            See ya ^.^
            This one is a great idea


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              A sequel to the original crystal saga was released, and it does have an option to hide the buttons. Shame they couldn't implement something similar, but r2 does NOT code this game. They work with what they are given, and what they are given does not have this feature.


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                going to close thread, we got a hide buttons option!

                will say here as well, immensely appreciate all the player feedback&support to help make this possible! may start a new suggestion thread to gather any new feedback about new system /players always free to as well