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Dragon Pals Recharge Gateways Will be Shut Down

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  • [Announcement] Dragon Pals Recharge Gateways Will be Shut Down

    Due to operations strategy shift, Dragon Pals team is sorry to announce: Dragon Pals servers will be shut down at 0 a.m. on 28/04/2022. Details are as follows:
    1. Recharge gateways will be shut down at 0 a.m. on 21/4/2022.
    2. Servers officially shut down at 0 a.m. on 28/4/2022.

    All data will be wiped.
    We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you for your continuous support!

    Dragon Pals Operations
    R2 community Discord:

  • #2
    Omg! Shadowbound was no longer enough... now Dragon Pals.


    • #3
      Sad news to hear but expected. Dragon Pals has been declining since 2018, I'm only surprised that it held on to 2022.

      I'm sad for the game's closure but all things come to the end right? I appreciate the memories we've made in the game and the community was very welcoming and wholesome.

      Bye Dragon Pals!
      S167 - Tenebrous Sea (US East)
      Level 69 - 2.8m BR

      Started Playing DragonPals since September 2013... Still not loving it.


      • #4
        it's a long story but it was fun, farewell dragon pals.