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  • We Want to Hear from You!

    The Dragon Pals Team would like to hear from our Junior and Senior players!

    Junior Players: As a new player, what do you like and dislike about Dragon Pals? Some topics include:
    • Leveling Up
    • Battle Rating
    • Joining a Guild
    • Obtaining and Upgrading Equipment
    • Dragon Orbs
    • Morphing and Raising Dragons

    Please feel free to ask any and all questions so we can help provide you with a better gaming experience!

    Senior Players: Senior players this is where you come in, we are looking for players who know the ropes and can help answer questions and guide players towards having a better gaming experience. All of these useful facts will be collected and organized into Game Guides on our main site!

    The Dragon Pals Team
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    My Opinion in the game. [As new player for new servers and as a current player to old servers.]
    ♣Leveling Up:
    1) Easy at the beginning, In 1 day you can level up to 31-33.
    ♣Battle Rating:
    1) Frustrating whenever you see people spending money then "you" as a player, is taking a hard time with sweats and stresses haha.
    2) But even though challenging.
    ♣Joining Guild:
    1) I do hope, they increase cap of contribution by means of amethyst. 1000ameth = 1 contrib is horrible. maybe increased it to 1000 ameth = 10 contrib just like in Wartune.
    2) In joining guild I hope they don't kick whenever you're inactive cause we are busy people! game is only for fun and relaxation. They all are serious in playing the game. sob*
    ♣Dragon Orbs
    1) Increase chance of getting orange orb, not increase your luck in getting it -___-. I almost spend 2.5m-3m just to get one. Yeah maybe you're thinking just a bad luck not just like others who are so lucky. but its not good.

    That's All Bow! ♪


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      this is a good game but in two day can already see who is the strongest player and thats not funny


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        Obtaining and Upgrading Equipment
        I hope after upgrade equipment I can use the new equipment in my char, if could that, I think it's so cool man!!


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          Leveling Up- I think its fine until lvl 30 they need to give more ways to earn experience that would really help players out
          Battle Rating- i think everything with this is fine
          Joining a Guild- its fine as long as players obey the guilds rules after all if they are gonna b inactive just inform the guildmaster before hand im sure they can be reasonable^^
          Obtaining and Upgrading Equipment- I think this is insane the enhanceing is quite alright but the amount of crystals needed to convert equipment is a lil overboard tone it down a bit and it should be fine
          Dragon Orbs-i think you should have a way to transform orbs into other orbs kinda like you can do with gems
          Morphing and Raising Dragons- have another way to earn dragon souls other then arena or farm

          Yours Truely Zigfreid Leader OF LEGENDS
          VetZigfreid Helping whomever needs it
          S1 LEGENDS Leader Zigfreid
          Dragon Pals Vet Zigfreid "Helping whenever and wherever i can"


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            Like that. synthesizing green -> blue--> purple--> orange. thats amazing. better spread this.


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              Besides the normal request you have throughout the forum like more dungeons, quests and bosses that can challenge your characters level, the one thing I would really like to see is an orb trading store where you can trade in a certain amount of dragon orbs for one of your choosing. Actually, the only one I would like to see is trading lets say 4 orange dragon orbs for one of your choosing. I've had to get rid of so many orange orbs and they are quite expensive on the amethysts to acquire one. And if that is not an option for you to do, how about raising the synthing rate from 70 to 140.


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                • Leveling Up: I agree having an extra way to do it would be nice... Just exercizing, using scrolls in instances/mp, plants and daily quests aren't enough when you reach a much higher level...
                • Battle Rating: I always find this kind of way to measure power strange. Because someone can have all the dragons and clothes, and yet someone with less BR but built their toon a better way can still beat them... But no much problem with BR, I just find it strange.
                • Joining a Guild: We could definitely use one or several extra Guild events. Dungeons, Temple, Holy Lands and donating amethysts/golds is just not enough (especially since limited) when you need so much contri to level up just one buff. Also, a solo contribution event would be better for people with a different time zone (or not) who can't make it all the time. For a lot of Americans Temple/Lands is during dinning time, for others it's the night.
                • Obtaining and Upgrading Equipment: Here, it's about Legendary. It takes a lot of crystals to get to Legendary equipments (especially for weapon/gloves/armor/helmet, purple crystals don't drop that easily) but then I heard when we'll evolve it it will drop back to perfect ? And then we'll probably need even more crystals... Honestly that's a bit too much.
                  Also about upgrading, I'd like to talk about refining. It's really hard to get good refinement, to take what we want. I was thinking about maybe being able to level the refinement ? Let's say for example I have a Crit Level 8, I would love to have to use money and/or items to level it up to 9. Because sometimes I'll find for example a set of 4 good stats, sadly low level, or 1-2 level 10s of good stats, with super bad other stats... I'd love to choose stats that I love, even if low level, then level it up.
                • Dragon Orbs: I don't think it's that hard to get it, just need to spend a lot of Amethysts, just find it sad to get a green orb from the orange light :/ Maybe make it unable to get green from orange light ?
                • Morphing and Raising Dragons: I agree with Zigfreid, other ways to get Dragon Souls would be awesome. Arena, stealing some rare crops, Goddess and offering isn't enough anymore when we need 30+ per click.


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                  Increase guild window size, becouse can't see how long people are offline...


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                    make an option to disable visual effects, slow down my old computer


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                      when i touch the items (gear) gonna do recycling, it always open both of comparation items (gear) between the gear that we going to recycle and the gear that we use.. its distrubing actually, i cant see clearly the gear that we going to recycle.. please see it!


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                        It's so hard to levelling up, many players in this game use a lot of money, but so far is good


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                          Originally posted by ayam_cemani View Post
                          make an option to disable visual effects, slow down my old computer
                          This would be great. I get a headache with the shaking screen while in combat and it really doesn't add that much as far as special effects anyway.


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                            please fix cut words/sentences in devils den quests[those with question and answer portion.] thank you.


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                              Okay as a player that enjoys games and has played many

                              As a player that has played many games here is my oppionion

                              1.Leveling Up
                              The experience to level is I little extreme more so for the others that can't find the time to level up, but at the same time it's not to the extreme that it takes you weeks to level as in some others I played which is reasonable. Another option would be to increases the Multiplayer dungeon experience.

                              2.Battle Rating
                              Battle rating is pretty nice and I think it's pretty neat to know how you compare to others.

                              3.Joining a Guild
                              If the Players that join a guild want to go inactive they need to inform the guild master or Asst. guild master that is why they are there. I own my own and can say most guild masters will agree that they need to be informed and need to know why they can't be online or when they can't be online.

                              4.Obtaining and Upgrading Equipment
                              Obtaining the equipment is easy. The items needed for each evolve is a little to the extreme maybe, but you can still manage to get it done.

                              5.Morphing and Raising Dragons
                              As for Dragon souls this is a nice fun thing, but I agree that there need to be another way to get them. My suggestion maybe give a little bit out during demon invasion, but don't make it like an outrageous amount that others can't keep up with the stronger players. 1-10 maybe roughly 3000 should be enough and maybe 1,500 to anyone under top 10 should be nice for all players.

                              6.Multiplayer Dungeons
                              The multiplayer dungeon chest dropping nothing every once in awhile should be fixed and taking care of at least make sure it drops something instead of nothing sometimes.

                              7.Dragon Orbs
                              Dragon Orbs are cool and I think transforming them would be a little rude to those that worked hard to get them, but at the same time I understand it being so hard for late players to get them. I for one would say leave it the way it is, but maybe reduce the points need for orange to 3000 instead of 5000 which is pretty extreme.

                              8.Guild Wealth
                              The guild wealth is to bad, but the researching the guild buffs for them to be released is a little to the extreme if that was toned down some then overall it will be better.
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