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    Dragon Pals’ Most Talented (July 15th - July 21th 2013)
    Event Time: July 15th - July 21th 2013
    Servers: All Servers
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    Do you know the ins and outs of everything Dragon Pals? Show others how you do what you do and be rewarded! Every week some new topics will be posted asking players to give the best guide possible on whatever the topic happens to be. From the guides posted, two of the posts along with the author’s character details (Character name, Battle Rating, etc.) will be selected each week to be posted in Dragon Pals “secret dragon cave.” What are you waiting for? Get ready to show the world why you’re the best of the best!

    Rewards for the last week’s posts:

    Excellent Awards:

    Topic Guild: “An in-depth guide to Guilds” By Perinnial (S4 & S12)
    “Guide to Guild contribution” By Verienna (S3)

    Topic Skill: “Reaching Highest Hero's Tower for Warrior” By SunGoKong (S2)
    “Magician Skills Guide” By Dusk (S1)

    Active Participant Awards:

    Topic Skill: “Warrior Skills Guide” By Dusk (S1)
    “Archer Skills Guide” By Dusk (S1)

    Topics in this Week:
    1. Dragon Orb
    2. Equipment

    Participation Methods:
    1. Post on the Taming Tips & Teachings.

    2. Or direct post to this forum thread.

    1. Active Participant Award (500 Vouchers) (post must be at least 300 words).
    Requirements: post contained helpful methods or information with relevant screenshots if applicable.
    2. Two Excellence Awards (2000 Vouchers) (post must be at least 300 words), will be shown in the dragon cave.
    Requirements: post is clear, logical, and unique, containing an impressive amount of system/subject knowledge with relevant screenshots.
    1. If a guide is selected, the rewards list will be updated in the thread.
    2. Original guides will be kept as is but may contain slight format changes.
    3. Please add your character name and server to the post. Rewards will be sent within 48hours of winner selection.
    For more info about the Dragon Cave, please click HERE.
    Best Regards,
    The Dragon Pals Team

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    Easy Equipment How-to's: Acquisition and Blacksmithing Options [U/C]

    This guide is currently incomplete, due to missing facts and resources. Please be patient until it is completed.

    Acquiring Equipment
    Your equipment is categorized into three different sets: Weapons, Clothes and Jewelry. The Weapons Set consists of Your Sword/Bow/Staff, Helmet, Armour, and Gloves. The Clothing Set consists of your Relic, Belt, Pants and Boots. The Jewelry Set consists of your Necklace and Ring. The following discusses in-depth where you can find each set of equipment, and how it is earned.

    Set 1 - Weapons
    These items are rewarded as prizes in dungeons. Sometimes you will get an item from another Class' Set, or an item you already have. In this case you have two options; selling and recycling. Bound items may only be recycled.

    If you choose to sell you can either sell on the Market¹ for Gold, which consumes a minimum of 6000 Amethyst and requires a Trade License, or you can sell straight from your Inventory² for Amethyst.

    Set 2 - Clothes
    These items are available for purchase in the Arena Shop. To purchase these items you will need Dragon Coins, which are won in the daily Party Treasure Hunt. To enter to Arena Shop, you can visit the Vendor and enter from there, or you can open your inventory, click on your Dragon Coins, and click on 'Use'. The latter will automatically open the Arena Shop window.

    Set 3 - Jewelry
    These items are available in the Crypt Shop. To purchase these items you will need Magic Coins, which are won in the Demon Tower. The Crypt Shop is accessible from the Demon Tower Lobby. It is also accessible from your inventory (click on your Magic Coins and click on 'Use'.)

    Blacksmithing Options
    Your Equipment has a variety of applicable Blacksmithing Options, each of which has it's own benefits. However, some Options require Set-Specific materials, and you will have to acquire different materials from different locations. The following section discusses in-depth the different Blacksmithing Options, the materials for each Option, and where said materials can be acquired.

    Enchanting Equipment
    Enchanting Equipment enhances the qualities of the Equipment itself. For example, if your Armour has a PDEF³ of 96, Enchanting it will raise that 96, increasing your overall PDEF. Enchantment Stones⁴ are used to increase the Success Rate of your Enchantment. This means that using a Stone increases the chances of your Enchantment succeeding by at least ten percent. You must have enough Amethyst at your disposal to be able to Enchant the item. The better the Equipment, the higher the cost will be, the more difficult it will be to Enchant.

    To Enchant Equipment, select the item you wish to Enchant. If you wish to use an Enchantment Stone, click on the Enchantment Stone you wish to use, then click 'Enchant'.

    Socketing Equipment
    Socketing refers to inserting Gems into your Equipment to receive the benefit of any individual gem. There are seven different kinds of gems; PDEF, PATK, MDEF, MATK, CRIT, CRIT DEF, CRIT, and HP. Your current levels in Physical Defence and Attack, Magical Defence and Attack, Critical Hits and Defence and Health Points can help you decide which Gems to socket. Certain classes will not need certain gems. For example, a Warrior will not need Magic Attack, as they do not use magic.

    To Socket a Gem, select the item you wish to insert the Gem into, then select the Gem of your choice. This merges the gem with the item.

    To remove a Gem from a socket, click on 'Remove Gem', then click on the Gem you wish to remove. This returns the Gem to your inventory.

    Synthesizing Equipment
    Synthesizing equipment allows you to combine materials and items you already have to receive better materials and items. This is very helpful if you have an excess number of socketing gems, or if you need a better enchantment stone, or even if you're running low on space in your inventory.

    The Synthesize tab is separated into five sub-categories. They are Gems, Enchantment Stone, Materials, Morph Cards, and Other. Whenever you have synthesizable material, the system will automatically put it at the top of it's sub-category in green. This makes it easy to check whether you have anything you can synthesize. As always, it costs Amethyst to synthesize anything.

    To synthesize, select the object you would like to synthesize, then click synthesize. If you can synthesize the same more that once, you may also click maximize, then synthesize to speed up the process.

    Refining Equipment
    Refining allows you to change the attributes an item posses. If the item gives you two bonuses you may switch those out for two different bonuses of your choice. You must have enough Amethyst available to perform this task.

    To Refine an item, select the item you wish to refine. Click 'Refine' until you see the attributes you wish the item to posses, then click 'Change Stats'.

    Converting Equipment
    Converting an item changes it's quality (ex: Normal->Outstanding).

    To Convert an item, select the item you wish to convert, then click 'Convert'.

    Evolving Equipment
    Evolving is when you change one item to the next level requirement. For example, changing level 20 required gloves to level 30 required gloves.

    Recycling Equipment
    To recycle an item, open the Blacksmith window. The option is right between Evolve and Transform. Select the item(s) you wish to recycle, then click 'Recycle' at the bottom of the window. You must have enough amethyst to pay for this action. The items you receive from recycling may be used to Convert your Weapons.

    Transforming Equipment
    Transforming refers to the transformation of one type Socket Gem to another. This allows you to change Gems your class cannot make use of to ones it can (ex: MATK->MDEF). As with all other Blacksmithing, you must have enough Amethyst available to Transform the Gems.

    To Transform a Gem, select the gem you wish to Transform and click 'Transform'.

    ¹the Market
    To access the Market you will need a Trade License. This item is available on page two of the Voucher tab in the Shop (found on the end of the bar containing your inventory, etc.) Once you have your Trade License you can use it to gain access to the Market. You may access the Market from the vendor or directly using the Market icon at the top of the page.
    To sell on the market, click on sell, then on the item you wish to sell. It's best to keep to the recommended amount, which automatically enters (usually 7 for Normal items). Then choose how long you wish the listing to last and click on the Insert to Sell button at the bottom of the Market window.
    To buy on the Market, either search the name of the item (spelt correctly with capitals) or narrow your search using the Category and Level drop-down menus. Once you have found the item you wish to buy, click on 'Purchase', then click 'Okay'. The item is automatically placed in your Trade Storage. Click on the item under Trade Storage to have it added to your Inventory. Doing this allows you to use the item.

    To sell directly from your inventory, click on the item you wish to sell, then click on 'sell', then click 'ok'. This option is simpler, and less time consuming, but may not reap the same benefits of selling on the market, as you can use the gold you earn to purchase an item of your own.

    This stands for Physical Defence. Similar abbreviations are PATK, MDEF, MATK, CRIT, CRIT DEF, and CRIT. M stands for Magic, ATK stands for Attack, and CRIT stands for Critical, as in Critical Hit.

    ⁴Enchantment Stones
    These are received as rewards from battle, typically from Chests, Dungeons and Towers, though you may acquire them elsewhere.

    DawnStrider, [S12] Misty Downs
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      All about your equipment

      A simple and easy guide for you to understand some of the things you get to see when you get higher levels.

      So here we go.....:

      Basic Information you need to know:

      3 Set of Equipment:

      Left Equipment Set: Weapon, Helmet, Amour, Gloves

      Right Equipment Set: Relic, Belt, Pants, Boots

      Bottom Equipment Set: Necklace, Ring

      Where can I obtain the equipment?

      Left Side Equipment:

      You can either get the equipment from MP or purchase it from players via Market (Trade license is needed before you can access it)

      If you want to get it from MP, where should you be going to get those?

      Level 30 Equipment: Level 30 to Level 50 MP (MP – Multi-player Dungeon)
      Normal, Excellent, Outstanding
      Level 50 Equipment: Level 50 to Level 70 MP
      Normal, Excellent, Outstanding, Perfect
      Level 70 Equipment: Level 70 to Level 80 MP
      Normal, Excellent, Outstanding

      Right Side Equipment: Only can Get it from Arena Shop

      Dragon coins you can get from two events: Treasure Hunt & Cage Match or from plant

      Bottom Equipment: Only can Get it from Demon Tower Shop / Crypt Shop

      Magic coins you can get it from Demon Tower, Hero Tower & Devil Melee or from plant

      The Grades of the equipment you can get:

      Level 30 Equipment: Normal, Excellent, Outstanding
      Level 40 Equipment: Normal, Excellent, Outstanding, Perfect
      Level 50 Equipment: Normal, Excellent, Outstanding, Perfect, Legendary (Casting)
      Level 60 Equipment: Normal, Excellent, Outstanding, Perfect, Legendary (Casting)
      Level 70 Equipment: Normal, Excellent, Outstanding, Perfect, Legendary (Casting)

      The Grade Bonus stats:

      Left Side Equipment:

      Normal: HP+X (Depending on which level equipment)
      Excellent: PATK+/MATK+X (Warrior and Archer Class)/MATK+X (Mage Class)
      Outstanding: PDEF+X
      Perfect: Crit Received Reduced by X%
      Legendary: Damage Received Reduced by X%
      Note: X = Depending on which level equipment.

      Right Side Equipment:

      Normal: HP+X (Depending on which level equipment)
      Excellent: PATK+ (Warrior and Archer Class)/MATK+X (Mage Class)
      Outstanding: MDEF+X
      Perfect: Neglect Target X Physical Defense (Warrior and Archer Class)/ Neglect Target X Magical Defense (Mage Class)
      Legendary: Damage Increase X%
      Note: X = Depending on which level equipment.

      Bottom Equipment:

      Normal: STR+ X (Warrior and Archer Class)/INT+X (Mage Class)
      Excellent: INT+ X (Warrior and Archer Class)/STR+X (Mage Class)
      Outstanding: END+X
      Perfect: Attack has a chance of reducing enemy’s rage by X
      Legendary: Gain 30 Rage at the start of Combat


      Select the equipment that you want to enchant for higher equipment stats. Using enchantment stone will help to increase the success rate (Lv1 to lv9 Enchantment stone). Each level of enchantment stone gives different amount of success rate (+10% to +90%). VIP level player also enjoy an extra success rate too.


      This is the place where you can use gems to upgrade your whole character stats to your needs. If you want a high magical defense for example, socketing MPEF gems to boost your character’s MDEF. Also, if you had received the first recharge wing (Growth Wing), upgrading and socketing your gems in your equipped equipment, you get to upgrade the growth wing (Higher level of Growth wing, higher stats bonus it will give and also movement speed).

      Note to all players: All equipment come with only 3 gem slots. To have the 4th gem slot open, you will need to cast your equipment to legendary grade (The lowest level if you want to get 4th gem slot open up fast) for level 50 equipment or get your equipment to level 60 perfect.


      To get stronger, you will need to have stronger equipment. Converting will help your to convert/upgrade your equipment grade to a better one (E.g. Excellent to Outstanding). The higher the grade of the equipment is, the better is it as each full set grade you have; you get to enjoy an additional grade bonus. Highest grade you can get for your equipment is till Perfect grade, to get legendary grade, you will need to cast.

      Side Information: Crystals needed for conversion
      Left Equipment Set: Purple Crystal (hunt from MP or from recycling of equipment)
      Right Equipment Set: Blue Crystal (Exchange using Dragon coins from Arena Shop)
      Bottom Equipment Set: Yellow Crystal (Exchange using Magic coins from Crypt Shop)
      Level 1 Purple / Blue / Yellow Crystal: Level 30 Equipment
      Level 2 Purple / Blue / Yellow Crystal: Level 40 Equipment
      Level 3 Purple / Blue / Yellow Crystal: Level 50 & Level 60 Equipment
      Level 4 Purple / Blue / Yellow Crystal: Level 70 Equipment


      Now you have the equipment, also had at least an outstanding or even better a perfect or legendary grade. But one thing that you find it not good is the stats that the equipment given is not the ones that you want. By using the Refine, you can get what type of stats you want by swapping, locking stats before refine etc. to get the best stats that you are looking for.

      Suggestion to players: Do not use locking skills on refine for normal and excellent (in fact I suggest Outstanding also don’t) equipment. Spend your gold/voucher/refine stone on perfect and legendary grade only. Lock only level 9 or level 10 skills only.

      Side Information for players:
      Normal Grade Equipment: 1 Stat skill
      Excellent Grade Equipment: 2 Stat Skills
      Outstanding Grade Equipment: 3 Stat Skills
      Perfect Grade Equipment: 4 Stat Skills
      Legendary Grade Equipment: 5 Stat skills


      You got to the next new level range – level 40 for example, and you want to had a more stronger set of equipment to boost your overall stats and BR. Evolving equipment is the only way for you to get stronger equipment. Players also need to take note once you evolve your equipment, your equipment grade will drop one level (Example: Outstanding Level 40 after evolving will become Level 50 Excellent grade equipment). The previous stat skills that you did are also reset to random.

      Suggestion to players: DO NOT evolve your equipment halfway (Evolve one or 2 equipment, leaving the rest un-evolve). ALWAYS evolve your equipment by sets (Left side Set, Right Side Set or Bottom Set); this is to ensure you get all the bonus stats. If you had 2 level 30 left side equipment and 2 level 40 left side equipment, you do not get level 30 equipment grade bonus nor level 40 equipment grade bonus.

      Side Information: Stones needed for evolving
      Left Equipment Set: Scared Stone (hunt from MP or from recycling of equipment)
      Right Equipment Set: Magic Crystal Stone (Exchange using Dragon coins from Arena Shop)
      Bottom Equipment Set: Scared Moon Stone (Exchange using Magic coins from Crypt Shop)

      Casting: Only available when you reach level 48(Can See the function but to actual use, you need level 50 Perfect Equipment)

      Now you are at level 50, and you already had all your equipment converted to the highest grade – Perfect. But you notice that you only had all bonus buffs from the equipment till Perfect, so where do you get the legendary buff?
      Since legendary equipment are very special, so you need to make it in another special way in order to get it – Casting. Casting is for all perfect grade equipment to be cast into legendary equipment. Since its legendary equipment, you will definitely need to use special item for it – Meteorites.

      The items needed for casting is similar to what you use for converting and only difference is that it requires more crystals and some meteorites.

      Side Information for players:
      Meteorites only drop in MP nightmare mode.
      Level 50 legendary equipment: 320 Level 3 Crystals + 50 Level 50 Meteorites
      Level 60 legendary equipment: 640 Level 3 Crystals + 100 Level 60 Meteorites
      Level 70 legendary equipment: 320 Level 4 Crystals + 150 Level 70 Meteorites

      Now, you had gotten many equipment after running all your MP attempts, but you notice that you got many equipment that you don’t need it. Recycle in the blacksmith is your solution to removing the unwanted equipment. Recycling the equipment gives you crystals which can be used for converting your equipped equipment. Each different grade and level of equipment will give you different grade and quantity.

      =======================End Of Simple Guide=================

      ButterSnow (Server 2)
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