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Dragon Pals’ Most Talented (July 22th – July 28th 2013)

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  • Dragon Pals’ Most Talented (July 22th – July 28th 2013)

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    Event Time: July 22th - July 28th 2013
    Servers: All Servers
    Do you know the ins and outs of everything Dragon Pals? Show others how you do what you do and be rewarded! Every week some new topics will be posted asking players to give the best guide possible on whatever the topic happens to be. From the guides posted, two of the posts along with the author’s character details (Character name, Battle Rating, etc.) will be selected each week to be posted in Dragon Pals “secret dragon cave.” What are you waiting for? Get ready to show the world why you’re the best of the best!

    Rewards for the last week’s posts:

    Excellent Awards for Topic Equipment:

    DawnStrider, S12(Easy Equipment How-to's: Acquisition and Blacksmithing Options);

    Butterfly, S2 (All about your equipment)

    Participation Methods:

    1. Post on the Taming Tips & Teachings
    2. Or direct post to this forum thread.

    Topics in this Week:
    1. Guild Battle
    2. Pet Dragon


    1. Active Participant Award (500 Vouchers) (post must be at least 300 words).
    Requirements: post contained helpful methods or information with relevant screenshots if applicable.
    2. Two Excellence Awards (2000 Vouchers) (post must be at least 300 words), will be shown in the dragon cave.
    Requirements: post is clear, logical, and unique, containing an impressive amount of system/subject knowledge with relevant screenshots.

    1. If a guide is selected, the rewards list will be updated in the thread.
    2. Original guides will be kept as is but may contain slight format changes.
    3. Please add your character name and server to the post. Rewards will be sent within 48 hours of winner selection.

    For more info about the Dragon Cave, please click HERE.

    Best Regards,
    The Dragon Pals Team
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    Raising your Dragons

    Guide to pet dragons and dragon skins

    Many new players have questions about dragon pets and how to make them better. Hope you will find all the information you need in the following guide.

    To start off with, lets talk about how to open your dragon pet window.

    1) At the bottom right corner of you game screen you have all the shortcut buttons to open your bag, skills , quests etc. You will also find a button called : PET DRAGON. I have circled this button on the following screenshot to make it easier for you.

    Clicking on this button will open the window that will display the 2 dragons you currently have activated.

    These are the first 2 dragons you get. I have already leveled mine up, so yours might be weaker if you haven't done it yet. YES, you can upgrade your dragons. Upgrading your dragons will make them stronger, level them up and give them better skills. You will see the upgrade button at the bottom middle of the Dragons page.

    To upgrade your dragons you use dragon souls. If you don't have any dragon souls, you can't upgrade you dragons. You can see how many dragon souls you have at the top left corner of you game screen. I have also circled it on the following screenshot.

    NB! You get dragon souls from doing the Arena. Every time you win in the arena you get 80 dragon souls, so make sure you do all 15 of your attempts every day. Another option for getting dragon souls is doing Essence Offering, but that costs you 10 gold coins for each try, unless you are VIP4 (u get 3 free tries).

    2) Lets move on to morphing your dragons. Every player gets one dragon skin for free. Your free first dragon skin is called Gobbler. Dragon skins let you change how your dragon looks, but each dragon skin also contains a certain amount of Battle Rating, that will get added to YOUR Battle Rating when you unlock and activate the dragon skin. This amount of Battle Rating is permanently added to your BR once you have unlocked the skin, so it does not matter which dragons you use or if you have morphed your dragon or not. It will still be part of your BR once and for all.

    Lets talk about how to morph your dragons. On your Dragons window you will find a Morph button. I have circled it for you on the next screenshot. Check it out and click it now.

    Clicking this button will open the Change skin window.

    This window will display all the different skins you can change your dragons into. You will notice on my screenshot i have more than one, but as i have said, when you first start off you get one free skin called Gobbler. Anyone who decides to pay for VIP status will also get a free skin called Goldaro. All the other skins have to be bought from the in game store or unlocked through special activities.

    You will notice that under the Gobbler skin you have a button called Morph.

    Clicking this button will change the dragon you chose into Gobbler, making it look like him. Now the Morph button does not do anything other than change the way the dragon looks. The BR the skin supplies got added to your BR as soon as you unlocked that skin.

    3) Good news is, that you can level up your dragon skins, making them give you higher BR. The right side of the Change Skin window will display the stats of the skin you have chosen. I have supplied a screenshot, though on mine the stats have already been raised. Yours will all be at level 0, to start off with.

    TO raise your dragon skins stats, you also use dragon souls. I have already told you how to get dragon souls. But lets talk about How to raise the stats. At the bottom right side of the Dragon skins window you will find 2 buttons. Raise and Quick raise. I have circled both of these buttons on the following screenshot.

    To raise a stat you have to first click on the stat you want to raise. It is entirely up to you what you want to raise, though if you are a mage you can not raise PATK, and if your warrior or archer you cant raise MATK. Everything else you can raise at your own will

    The Raise button lets you raise the stat once. Each raising will cost you 10 dragon souls to start of with and will raise the stats points by 5 points. At first level you start of with 0/50 points. That means you need 50 points to get to level 1. So to get one stat from level 0 to level 1 you will use 100 dragon souls. NB! Keep in mind that when the stat levels raise, so will the points you need and the cost of one raise.

    The Quick raise button does exactly the same as Raise button (uses the same amount of dragon souls per raise and needs the same amount of points), but it will automatically raise the stat points 30 times, so it will raise the stat points by 150. ITs a quick and easy way to raise the stats and means a lot less clicking than the raise button.

    Every time you raise your stat levels, a little bit of BR will be added to the dragon skin and YOUR BR. So do this often, keep leveling the stats whenever you have the extra dragon souls, cause it makes you quite a bit stronger.

    4) Before you go one more thing though.
    As you level up, you will get new dragons. If you do not know this yet, you can change between the sets of dragons, activating different ones. Doing this is easy.
    To open the dragon selection all you have to do is click the big glowing egg at the left, as shown on the next screenshot.

    When you click on it the Dragon training window opens, that shows all the dragon sets you have opened and can open. It will tell you which one you have activated. To switch between them, just click on a different set and press use.

    Do not worry! When you switch between dragon sets, the bonus BR from your dragon skins does not disappear. As i said its permanently part of your BR and you don't have to Morph each of your dragon again, unless you want them to look like Gobbler .

    Verienna (S3 and S9)


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      All about your pet dragon

      All about your pet dragon

      In this game, what you cant miss is your pet dragon, your forever partners throughout the game.

      Different pet dragons has different purpuse and skills for you to do. Here I will introduce the basic information to you.

      The types of pet dragon set you will be getting as you progress:

      This is the place where you can check what are the pet dragon sets you can get or you already had.

      Snaggles & Gaia:

      You will get this dragon set at the first part of the game.

      Spyrious & Derga:

      You will get this dragon when you are still doing the first few quests. Best dragon for lower level players, alway use this for Devil's Den run and till you get your level 45 dragon set. It allows you to use skills at the start of the battle.

      Tarrasque & Nexous:

      You will unlock this dragon when you had complete the level 35 quest on solo instance. The unlock requirements will tell you what things to fulfill in order to unlock the dragon set.

      Sea Wyern & Draconis:

      You will unlock this dragon when you had complete the level 45 quest on solo instance. The unlock requirements will tell you what things to fulfill in order to unlock the dragon set. Use this dragon set for most of your time except for Devil's Den Run.

      Salazaar & Exodus:

      You will unlock this dragon when you had complete the level 55 quest on solo instance. The unlock requirements will tell you what things to fulfill in order to unlock the dragon set. Always use this dragon set except for Devil's Den run.

      Soul Fragments:

      You may had notice that when you want to unlock the new dragon set, the system requires you to have enough soul fragments. So what are they and where can you get them? Soul fragments are the souls that you defeat monsters that can be found in your solo instance (one monster or boss are 1 soul fragment count).

      Dragon Soul:

      Dragon souls plays a very major part for your development of your pet dragon. They are used to level up your pet dragon level and your dragon skill stats bonus.
      Dragon souls can be obtained via fighting in arena, essence offering (requires gold coins each time unless you are VIP 4 that gets 3 free essence offering daily) or from plants.

      When using different pet dragon set:

      Every pet dragon gives you their unique skills and also stats bonus. As you know, different stats bonus will provide you different amount of Battle Rating. So dont be surprise when you see a drop in your Battle Rating whenever you change to use a low level pet dragon set.

      Checking your Pet Dragon:

      This place is where you will mainly do all sort of things to your pet dragon including changing their skin, leveling their levels to get more bonus and stats that helps you greatly in your game play.

      Morphing & leveling pet dragon:

      Information you may need to know:
      Some of the dragon skins are obtained via different ways such as collecting 20 shards, doing hot events (reward from hot event) or VIP activation.
      When you get to level 30 and travel to El Alamein, you will be getting a free dragon skin - Gobbler. Goldaro for VIP activation while other skins will show you where can you get them (Example: Wishing Well, Arena Shop etc).
      You can only level your pet dragon and dragon skin stats to your current level (if you are level 50, you only can had your pet dragon level to level 50).

      Morph Cards:

      Morph Cards are what you can call it, the Dragon Skin. Most of the dragon morph cards are create from dragon shards. In order to have that particular dragon, you must have 20 shards of it. Each type of dragon shards are gotten through different ways such as getting Pebble shards from Multi-Player Dungeon Nightmare Mode or Sidewinder shards from spending lucky coins in Wishing Well.

      Dragon Orbs:

      Dragon Orbs are gotten from summoning. Each type of dragon orbs gives you different stats bonus. In order to have the dragon orb stats activated, you need it to be equipped to your pet dragon.
      Every 10 pet dragon level, you will get 1 extra dragon orb slots for both your dragon (total 2 extra orb slots).
      A comon mistake that players made is that whenever they are at level 40,50, 60 and so on, they always thought they can have the extra orb slot. But when they try to equip the orbs onto their dragon, they cant do it. this is because you need to level your pet dragon's level to level 40, 50, 60 etc to unlock the slot. So when you get to level 40 and still cant see the 4th dragon slot open, check if your pet dragon are at level 40 or not.

      Below is a example of why dragon orbs is important for you:

      Hope you now had a better understanding on your Pet dragon ^.^

      =============== End ===================

      ButterSnow (S2)
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      Yes! 1 year no recharge on R2 platform games. More days/months/years to go~

      Why bother to recharge when they show no efforts managing their games except their template events?


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        Great guide snow!
        if you have a Problem send a ticket


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          Whats next after Salazaar and Exodus? its only appears this mark ---> ? and the eggs remains 100%?


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            i had the same question