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Dragon Pals’ Most Talented For This Week

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  • Dragon Pals’ Most Talented For This Week

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Name:	dpschest.jpg
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    Event Time: July 28th - August 3th 2013
    Servers: All Servers

    Do you know the ins and outs of everything Dragon Pals? Show others how you do what you do and be rewarded! Every week some new topics will be posted asking players to give the best guide possible on whatever the topic happens to be. From the guides posted, two of the posts along with the author’s character details (Character name, Battle Rating, etc.) will be selected each week to be posted in Dragon Pals “secret dragon cave.” What are you waiting for? Get ready to show the world why you’re the best of the best!

    for the last week’s posts:

    Excellent Awards
    for Topic Pet Dragon:
    1. Verienna (S3 and S9) Guide to pet dragons and dragon skins
    2. ButterSnow, S2 All about your pet dragon

    Participation Methods:

    1. Post on the Taming Tips & Teachings
    2. Or direct post to this forum thread.

    Topics in this Week: Farm, Finance & Funds


    1. Active Participant Award (500 Vouchers) (post must be at least 300 words).
    Requirements: post contained helpful methods or information with relevant screenshots if applicable.
    2. Two Excellence Awards (2000 Vouchers) (post must be at least 300 words), will be shown in the dragon cave.
    Requirements: post is clear, logical, and unique, containing an impressive amount of system/subject knowledge with relevant screenshots.

    1. If a guide is selected, the rewards list will be updated in the thread.
    2. Original guides will be kept as is but may contain slight format changes.
    3. Please add your character name and server to the post. Rewards will be sent within 48 hours of winner selection.
    For more info about the Dragon Cave, please click HERE.

    Best Regards,
    The Dragon Pals Team

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    The farm is one of the more interesting ways of obtaining extra resources in the game. The more friends a player has, the more profit they can gain. There are three main ways to gain a profit through your farm: crops, servants, and stealing.

    1. Crops are a small investment for the seeds, and give a proportionally big reward. The higher your farm level, the more crops you can plant at a time. Leveling up your farm requires patience and time, since you gain experience through helping your friends' farms. Weeding and praying on other peoples' farms will gain you one farm experience, and if you have a high number of friends, you can easily gain several levels in a day. To gain the maximum profit from your crops, however, you will want to collect them as soon as they become available. Stolen crops only give a portion of the yield unless you have a harvest card (obtainable in the shop and wishing well).

    2. If you are able to gain servants (you gain this option when others steal your crops), you gain 10% of whatever harvest they make during their servitude (48 hours, or until freed through revolt or someone else freeing them).

    3. Stealing, which seems morally reprehensible, and is against the law in the real world, provides a legitimate source of income in the game. Watch for the small apple to appear beside your friends' names, then swoop in before they do to gain a portion of their harvest. Be careful doing this to higher level players, since they can then make you their servant. Each time you steal a crop, it also reduces the "maturity" counter to collecting from your goddess. When it reaches zero, you can collect a massive blessing from your goddess before the 24 hour cool down is finished.

    Nikou, S20 (Blackfen Swamp)


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      this game is so fum lots of work and hardship in farm system you will gain exp.amythyst.dragon coins.magic coins.voucher that are very essential in the game.
      but you must defend your crop in time becoz it can steal a little amount of you crop. and it will make your farm lvl high more lvl of farm unlocks some seed that gives better reward. also the statue goddess gives lots of amythest.. in terms of funds always do DI.Pennies from heaven.Devils den.trivia.
      also the market that selling buying of items by means of goldcoins that is very essential to purchase some ingame items!.

      Panaka s14 willowshire


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        Farms are used to plant, grow, nurture, and harvest crops. By using the farm, a player can gain large amounts of experience and Amethyst. Visiting the Farm Shop to purchase different types of seeds, these seeds will be held in the Barn until planted. Pray to the Harvest Goddess can help as well, once enough prayers have been made to her you will be rewarded.
        Servants are another useful Farm feature. You can capture servants by challenging friends; successfully capturing a servant will result in you gaining 10% of what they harvest. Servants may not steal from the Farm. Other player's servants can be captured as well

        .Click image for larger version

Name:	farm.jpg
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ID:	1672312

        Servants are another useful Farm feature. You can capture servants by challenging your friends; successfully capturing a servant will result in you gaining 10% of what they harvest. Servants may not steal from your Farm. You may also capture other player’s servants.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	farm2.jpg
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ID:	1672313

        S2 [oceanic] : vhensh


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          This is Awesome ..!!


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            Helpful farm for everyone)

            plants are like our life, when you plant a seed then it will grow like us because God created us with his image and likeness.And I have 3 poem for plants:

            1. MY GARDEN
            This is my garden, I'll plant it with care,
            Here are the seeds I'll plant in there,
            The sun will shine,
            The rain will fall,
            The seeds will sprout and grow up tall

            2.THE LITTLE PLANT
            In the heart of a seed,
            Buried deep so deep,
            A tiny plant
            Lay fast asleep.
            "Wake," said the sunshine,
            "And creep to the light."
            "Wake," said the voice
            Of the raindrops bright.
            The little plant heard
            And it rose to see,
            What the wonderful,
            Outside world might be.

            3. SEEDS))
            I planted shining seeds this spring-
            Just tiny they seemed to be.
            And yet I hoped so very much
            That they would change to flowers for me.

            Today I saw a mist of green.
            It made me very happy, so
            I said a little thank-you prayer
            To God, who made my flowers grow.


            StRiKeR123, Azure Coast


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              Farming Guide

              I saw one guide already posted in the official guides but since it isn't the 3rd yet I hope I'm still in the running. Please feel free to edit this guide if needed. :]

              Guide start::

              Farming is an important feature in Dragon Pals that is actually quite simple!

              You start out with one row of land and you can plant 3 seeds. Seeds can be bought with amethyst at the farm shop. You can buy seeds for EXP or amethysts but it is possible to get unique seeds through different events in game. Seeds grow at different rates depending on how much they harvest. Seeds that are not yet planted can be found in your barn.

              Once seeds are planted in your farm you are given three options.

              Click image for larger version

Name:	options.jpg
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              Fertilizer, accelerate, and dig up. Fertilizer can be bought for gold and can reduce growing time on your farm or a friend's farm. Accelerate is an action that also can be bought that reduces a plants growth by 50%. Finally dig up can be used to remove a plant.

              Farm Level:

              Your farm level and how much farm exp is needed for the next level can be found in upper left corner of the screen. Farming level is important to be able to get more land for planting as well as unlock new and better seeds.

              Click image for larger version

Name:	info.jpg
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ID:	1672448 Click image for larger version

Name:	undeveloped.jpg
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              Your farm level can be increased through pulling weeds, removing bugs and praying to the harvest goddess. You receive 1 exp for each action on your farm or a friend's. So check on yours and your friends' farm frequently and try to get your farm level as high as possible!


              Friends are important to have for a few different reasons when it comes to farming. First of all you can clean your friends' farms to keep their farm in good condition. As seen below on your friends list you will come upon either a worm or weed icon. If you go to the farm with these icons, you will gain exp for helping out.

              Click image for larger version

Name:	friends.jpg
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ID:	1672449

              Friends also have another important purpose, that is give their blessings to the harvest goddess. An icon will appear when it is possible to give your blessing to your harvest goddess, or the icon will appear on your friend's list when you can give your blessing to a friend's harvest goddess. When you receive enough blessing the harvest goddess will give you nice rewards including dragon souls.

              Click image for larger version

Name:	goddess.jpg
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ID:	1672450

              If your friends have any plants that are ready for harvest it is possible to steal from your friends farm. You will be able to steal a small amount of their profit but they can also steal from you. Each plant can be stolen 3 times so try to harvest your plants as soon as you can, but even if your friends steal, you will still receive most of your profit.

              Finally there are servants. You can have two servants and you can receive servants from battling a friend. Servants cannot steal from your farm and you will receive 10% of whatever they harvest.

              Click image for larger version

Name:	Servants.jpg
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ID:	1672453

              Good luck farming and try to make a bunch of friends to help one another!

              Guide end::

              IGN: Wish
              Server: 13-Stormcrest
              Last edited by Fateful; 08-03-2013, 06:11 AM.


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                This part of the game is great to get a head start on. The higher your farm level the more plants you can cultivate at a time and the more rewards you will get from those plants. The goddess statue on your farm is also helpful because it gives you rewards if you or your friends pray at it.Click image for larger version

Name:	Captu re.PNG
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Size:	245.5 KB
ID:	1672506 You have to be careful because your friends although helpful in attaining blessings, getting rid of bugs and weeds can also steal your important crops from you, this only lets you gain 70% of the reward from the plant. The more you steal from others the faster your maturity level goes down when it hits 0 you gain a large reward from the goddess. If your friends steal from you they are put on the servant work list allowing you to capture them and stop them from stealing you crops. Click image for larger version

Name:	Ca pture.PNG
Views:	1
Size:	451.0 KB
ID:	1672507This is also true if you steal from someone on your friends list. Servants allow you to gain 10% of the crops the servant’s harvest. The farm aspect of the game is not all that important till you hit level 30 because it becomes harder to attain experience after this level.
                If you’re not a wizard at keeping up with money here are some helpful tips. First watch were you spend it, I like to attain dragon orbs but then I find when I level up I don’t have the money to upgrade my skills and other things. Second alchemy is your friend, the more active friends you have the more you can get money by helping them study, be careful though the timer(every 30 min) to study limits you to three times a day and if you study one after another your friends cant gain anything from you and vice versa.
                willow [s17] icewall (europe)
                Last edited by R222477394; 08-03-2013, 12:13 PM. Reason: forgot something


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                  Your Farm

                  Farm - Your never-ending income

                  The Farm is used to plant, grow, nurture, and harvest crops. By using the farm, you can gain large amounts of EXP, Amethyst or other things like dragon coins. Visit the Farm Shop to purchase different types of seeds (EXP & Amethyst), these seeds will be held in the Barn until planted. You may also pray to the Harvest Goddess, once enough prayers have been made to her you will be rewarded (Seed Box, Farm EXP, Dragon Soul and some amethyst).

                  Types of seeds you can grow in your farm:

                  EXP and Amethyst Seeds can be bought from your farm shop. Other seeds can only be obtained from random drops in opening your seed box, consecutive logins (you may be lucky to see one in it) or limited purchase events.

                  To access the farm:
                  Click on this icon to get to your farm. Farm is unlocked at level 12.

                  This is what you will see when you enter your farm (Overview):

                  Further explanation on the things:

                  Farm Plot:

                  When you first unlocked the farm, you will only get 3 farm plot. Farm plot are unlocked as you gain higher farm level.

                  Information on what farm level you need to unlock the plot:
                  4th Plot - Farm level 5
                  5th Plot - Farm level 10
                  6th Plot - Farm level 15
                  7th Plot - Farm level 25
                  8th Plot - Farm level 35
                  9th Plot - Farm level 45
                  10th Plot - Farm level 55
                  11th Plot - Farm level 65
                  12th Plot - Farm level 75

                  Your Farm Status:

                  The is the overview status of your farm.
                  Farm Level: You gain farm EXP for haveresting your crops (There is a max cap on how many farm EXP you can gain from your farm), helping your friends to pray their farm goddess and weeding their crops. Do note that there is a max cap on the EXP gained each day. Once you reached the EXP cap, you cant earn anymore EXP when you pray or weeding their farm.
                  Yesterday's Profit: Hover your mouse over the tab or click on it. This will show you what had you harvested for yestersay's farming.
                  Status: This is to show you what status you are at. Landlord is you currently had captured some players to be your servant. Player's Servant is you had lost to a player's challenge and are captured to work for that player. Or free status where you do not had any servants or not captured.
                  Farm Event: This is to show you who had prayed your farm goddess or had come to steal your harvest.
                  Example of what you see in your farm event:

                  Servant Work: This is to see your current servant's profit that they had harvested.
                  Example of it:

                  When you had an empty slot for your servant work, go chellenge one player who had stealed your harvest before and capture them.

                  Farm Goddess:

                  Blessing is needed from your friends or your friend's farm need your blessing. Each time you bless their farm goddess, you gain 5000 amethyst and 1 farm exp (If you had maxed out your daily farm exp gaining, you get amethyst only)

                  Blessing is maxed and you can collect the max blessing reward. You can only collect it once daily.

                  Farm Shop:

                  You can buy EXP and Amethyst seeds from here. Different types of seeds requires certain farm level in order to buy.
                  Sample of what you can buy from farm shop:


                  Farm Barn:

                  When ever you clicked on a empty plot, you will open out your farm barn. This is where you slect the seeds you currently holding in your inventory bag.

                  Friend List:

                  This is the list of friends you had add. Different icon showing beside their name has different meaning. This is also a reason why players are asking for adding friends. The most friends you had, the more things you can do (gaining more farm exp, stealing more harvest, gaining more amethyst).
                  Time to maturity indicated how many steal you can made on your friend's farm. That is why you need more friends as you can chose to steal which friend's harvest that gives you more profit. You get to steal 100 times daily, so plan well and dont waste your steal attempts.

                  Harvest Card:

                  Harvest let you gain back 100% of your harvest when you harvest one of your crop. 1 harvest card can only be used for 1 crop harvest. So plan well on what type of plat harvest should you use it on. Harvest card can be obtained from Wishing Well, Bravery Shop, Cash shop or some events where you had a chance from getting it.

                  My Farm:

                  Click on this to get back to your farm when you are visiting your friend's farm.

                  One major feature of your farm: Servants

                  Servants are another useful Farm feature. You can capture servants by challenging your friends; successfully capturing a servant will result in you gaining 10% of what they harvest. Servants may not steal from your Farm. You may also capture other player’s servants by defeating their landlord.

                  Below will be an example of the flow on how you can had a servant:

                  1st Step:

                  Make sure you had an empty slot for capturing servant. Normally you will have 2 servant slot. Servant slots will add on when you reach certain VIP level.

                  2nd Step:

                  When you click on the servant work of the empty servant slot, system will direct you to the list of players that you can capture. You get to captured up to 6 times a day or spend voucher/gold coins to buy attempts.
                  On this list, you will get to see up to 4 different status, landlord, servant, protected or free. For players who are servant status, you need to defeat their landlord (as what image had shown) before you can capture this particular player to be your servant. Protected players are those who had just regain their freedom from their landlord, it has a 20 mins cooldown before you can try to capture them.
                  So how do they come into your list? Everytime a player who steals your harvest, they are automatically added to your servant work list.

                  Each of the player in your list has an icon that you can click to visit their farm. Click on it and check out their profit.

                  If the profit is none or little, there is no need for your to capture them and you can consider changing them to adding new active friends.

                  3rd Step:
                  Click on the players that you think you can WIN them in challenge - duel. When you had successfully win the player or the player's landlord, this is what you will see:

                  What can you do besides capturing servant?

                  Of cause you can do another one more things beside capturing servant - save your friends or guildmates from their landlord. You can rescue up to 3 players daily or spend voucher/gold coins for more attempts.

                  Example of it:

                  You being as a servant:
                  Opps, you are being captured as a servant as you lost a challenge from one of the player who you had steal harvest from. So what can you do when you are a player's servant?

                  Example of it:

                  You can try to escape using various ways. If none of the escape ways workable for you (unless you want to spend gold coins to be freed), then you gotta wait till the servitude time is up. Tips: Go steal someone's farm that is stronger than your landlord and request them to size you from your landlord hand.

                  Information that you may need to know:

                  Question : Will my harvest crop get stealed all away by players and how much does it get stealed?
                  Each of your ready crop can only be stealed up 3 times - 8% each steal.

                  Question : How many % do I get from stealing friend's harvest?
                  You can steal 8% of your friend crops.

                  The time for the crops to steal are indicated and how much you can steal from it.

                  Tips : Before you weed or pray your friend's farm, check out if there is any quest that you can take and complete together. So that you complete a quest while gaining farm exp - Multi gain ^^.

                  Tips : Plant the crops that you can harvest it on time if you do not wish to lose the profit from people stealing your harvest.

                  Tips : You can accelerate your crops to maturity by either using fertilizer (1 hour or 4 hours) or use hourglass for cutting the growing time to half. Personally I do not use this function =P

                  ButterSnow (S2)
                  Last edited by R214105035; 08-03-2013, 11:54 PM.
                  Yes! 1 year no recharge on R2 platform games. More days/months/years to go~

                  Why bother to recharge when they show no efforts managing their games except their template events?