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    Oh yeah.. I almost forgot one thing:

    With all this new changes taking place, I think you guys forgotten about how it will affect the new servers.

    Demon Invasion: Young servers do not have heavey hitter players that old servers has. And which means young and new servers can forgot about using their gold and vouchers for Demon Invasion as each them they use, thats x 3 with a sure fail Demon Invasion.

    Holy Land: With less attempts of holy land in the week, that means if the server opens on a friday, the players will only get to play holy land on Saturday. That means if by the time the guild still cant gather many players for the holy land, they will be gaining very less guild wealth. Not only that, the current holy land by having it daily even if contributions is not that much, it at least gives the players who had missed out one one or two days to had a chance of gaining some more contributions. Sometimes clear till level 6 while sometimes clear till level 10 holy land as there are more players joining the holy land. By the new changes, you are making it once you miss it, that it. You dont gain any contributions for the week if you happens to be busy for that 3 particular days of the week.

    Devil's den:

    Devil's Den EXP gain are depend on the group members level. Thats means if you got a overall low level team for this particular Devil's Den event, that means you do not have another chance of gaining more EXP for the next Devil's Den.


    Devil's Den at 13:45 of the server:
    The EXP gain for the team depending on the levels inside: 27600 EXP

    Devil's Deb at 20:45 of server:
    The EXP gain for the team depending on the levels inside: 33600 EXP

    3 time of Devil's Den runs can give you a different range of the EXP if you do not have a fixed team. And with the new changes, if you are having a team that is for 13:45 server time team, that means you are done for the day without another chance of getting more EXP.

    Next one, 3 different Devil's Den runs you get a chance of having more EXP mulitples or less EXP. What do I mean? If you happen to encounter around 10 attempts that is on Devil's Den Guard, you are only gaining 1X EXP. And If you happen to get 10 Treasure Chest finding, your EXP gaining is at least a X2 EXP. So if your one combines run of Devil's Den happens to have 6-9 Devil's Den Guard fight, you are also done for the day without more EXP and Amethyst Gain. Unless you can SPAM ALL Devil's Den Attempts on Treasure Map (this cost $$).

    Changes like the Trivia, pennies from the heaven are good. But not for Holy land, Devil's Den and Demon Invasion.
    Yes! 1 year no recharge on R2 platform games. More days/months/years to go~

    Why bother to recharge when they show no efforts managing their games except their template events?


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      Great the time change makes it where i can't participate in any of the events anymore...


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        wow they made some great changes tyvm
        if you have a Problem send a ticket


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          Originally posted by R221384842 View Post
          And then there's Sunday... best time for anyone to play since it's the weekend and you remove Holy Land... Really? No, really?!? Don't remove activities from the weekend, it's the one time when you know you'll see more players online. Give them MORE to do, not less.
          It depends though. You're the first person I see saying something like that. Usually Sunday is the worst day for events from what I see. It's the weekend, and Sunday, so people go out or spend time with their family, overall there are less active people.

          It could be troublesome for Demon's Invasion... what "profit collection" are we talking about ? Does it mean we can get amethysts in only 1 attempt out of 2 ?
          On S1 we can't beat all the monsters waves because usually only 40-80 persons attend this event. If, let's say, 60 join first DI using profit collection and only 20 join the second one with profit collection, it means the people in second DI will gain way less since the "world will be destroyed" faster.
          If there's only 1 attempt with profit, there's no reason for people that already used their profit to join the second DI. So in the end, even if you boost rewards by 300%, it's more likely still a loss for the players.
          So you either need to lower the monsters' level a lot (which would be boring in my opinion), make it so we get profit for both, make it so there's only one Demon's Invasion a day or make it cross-server.

          I don't like much the idea of Devil's Den having only 15 attempts now... Everybody wasn't able to do all the quests for every DD, and I thought it was making it more funny and more of a challenge. The fastest were able to do it, others that were too slow in killing, treasure map, quiz or had join too late weren't able to.

          But overall it's a great changement, I really like the new times ^^ Though I can understand how only 3 Holy Lands a day at 7.30 pm can be troublesome for a lot... Usually it's the time when people come back from work/school/cook/eat.
          Will it be implanted with the second patch of the version 2.0 of the game ?


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            I personally have to agree, these changes are bad, not just bad HORRIBLE. I play on shadowlands, or s16. A semi older server and we still cant win a Demon Invasion. This is with all the lv50's of the server going at them at max stats and everything. The most I have ever seen was 2 demons die when a whole guild joined in. On average we only have 20 or so players attend the Demon Invasions in the first place, take away the ability to gain amethyst in the 2nd go around we will have even less, maybe even none which is just plain wrong. DON'T TOUCH THE VOUCHERS! did you think this helped us in any way increasing them? 900 vouchers just for 100% stat increase is just..well there's not a bad word big enough to cover this mistake, if you do this you need to adjust the voucher giveaway amount in other things such as the arena's lucky listings.

            The changes to Holy lands, I only disagree with the change in days. Most players are on during the weekends, over the weekdays, If anything take it away from Monday and move it to Sunday. I'd prefer if it stayed all week, as its a bonding thing for guilds, but more then likely our opinions on this will not matter like in most games. They will go ahead with the changes without thinking of how it effects the player base. This is my experience with every game i play, a change for money and money only.

            They need to put more effort in making the game more smooth for players who don't have the option of paying cash to become better. A lower quality detail for lower end computers would be nice as well. I struggle at home when not on my laptop just to do a simple MP dungeon because everything takes forever in this high quality. Anyway that's my oppinion


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              when is happy fight going to be open?


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                ty for adding another nail to the coffin and giving us LESS to do.


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                  I like the changes because all event times are usually fixed.. Making it feel like we HAVE to be here for every event throughout the day, thus no-lifing. But it's still fixed, and the events are on bad days for some people because of work/school/life, so now they have no opportunity to go to certain events. That's the bad side.


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                    wow u r killing the game it will make ppl have to spend money cus ur limiting ppl from what there used to


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                      I don't like it. Lowering our attempts? Upping the price of our skills for demon invasion? ...No!


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                        Biggest questions:

                        1) Holy Lands: how will this affect gems? There are only 2 ways to collect gems effectively; Demon Tower and Holy lands, you have removed a significant portion of that by reducing Holy Lands to so few days. How will you fix this deficit? Reaching lvl 10 = 9x lvl 1 gems, 1x lvl 2 gem over 4 days, this is 40 gems and a total of 44 gem lvl being lost.

                        2) Demon Invasion now takes 3x more vouchers to participate with, there are many of us who do not gather vouchers at a pace to actually use them in all 3 invasion attempts currently. This will make it even harder yet for those players, are there any thoughts on this to make it more competitive?

                        3) With Bugs being removed and the amount of event participation attempts being reduced, are there any plans on adding new/different events?


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                          where is cage fight ???? or am i blind ????


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                            Originally posted by Darkunit View Post
                            where is cage fight ???? or am i blind ????
                            No your not blind, you just have skimmed over the information, cage match and devil melee have been combined so you get both dragon and magic coins at the same time


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                              I suggest you change the bug resistance into some activity.. that we can earn vouchers.yummy..ahaha..
                              and oh.. i don't know how the changes affect active players? will they be even more active or not? before you launch the update... i suggest that you put an activity..let's say farming activity..that an online player can play.. anything (can gain, exp, voucher, materials, ameth..??)..not just excercise..ahaha

                              i think it could help maintain be more active..even the activity time has been compressed..^__^


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                                def need to reduce the voucher cost for DI 900 vouchers is way too expensive a fee to have a chance at doing moderately well in DI even more so considering you only have 1 shot a day