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New Server Golden Pyre

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  • New Server Golden Pyre

    New Server Golden Pyre

    Greetings Dragonians,
    We are pleased to announce that our new server Golden Pyre (US EAST) is going live on October 2th at 1:00 PM EDT (10:00 AM PDT), and we’ve got some special activities lined up for its launch.

    Below are those events:

    Taming the Tiger:Buy Gold for Gold
    Event Description: New server will run this event after the server open 30 days, this event will last 2 days when the condition is met. Buy Gold for Gold event where you can ultimately gain a Tiger Morph card for your dragon.

    Earn Points , Get Free wings
    Event Description: New will run this event after the server open 30 days, this event will last 5 days when the condition is met. During this Event, the more Gold Coins you Spend, the more Rewards can be received.The Rewards include Rainbow Wings, Lucky Coins and so on. Returned gold coins count towards your points.

    Hot Event: Evolve Dragon Guardian
    Are you worthy enough to gain these rewards? New server will gain access to this event after Server open 40 days. this event will last 7 days when the condition is met.Event Description: Evolve as many Dragon Guardians as possible to get tons of rewards during the activity! Rewards include tons of dragon spirits,Panda shard, Lucky coins and more.

    Tips: Search more information about Hot Events in Dragon Pals

    See you on Golden Pyre,
    DPS Support Team

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    why there is always new US server..
    create new ocean server please..


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      the last oceanic server has failed to grow well, so there is not much point in adding another oceanic server at this stage
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        ok question in one place it says its west server and here it says east so wich one will it be


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          hello to everybody
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            how you do you wings