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Ring in the New Year! (Forum Event)

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  • Ring in the New Year! (Forum Event)

    Duration:December 26th, 2013 – January 5th, 2014

    Join the rest of the Dragon Pals family in sharing your 2013 highlights and your hopes for 2014! We will randomly choose posts from those submitted and reward those players! Each of the players chosen(like 8, 18, 28 etc) will receive a permanent set of clothing (the player will be allowed to choose one from the current in-game clothing). In addition, one lucky player will receive a pair of wings(the player will be allowed to choose one from the current in-game wings).
    If the number of posts reaches the following amounts, all participating players will be rewarded:

    • 100 posts – Lvl. 3 Gem Chest and Flower x 9.
    • 200 posts – Lvl. 4 Gem Chest and Flower x 99.
    • 500 posts – Lvl. 5 Gem Chest and Flower x 999.
    • 2014 posts – Lvl. 6 Gem Chest and Lucky Coins x 20.


    1. No spamming with replies to increase post numbers. Replies are limited to 3 per player.
    2. Posts must follow forum rules and be positive and uplifting.
    3. Winners will be posted on the forum January 6th, 2014. So be sure to check back to see if you won!
    4. Please post character name and server along with your original post.

    PLEASE POST TRY TO POST A MINIMUM OF 100 Words, but it must actually fit the guidelines. What was good about 2013 and what do you hope for 2014? Include Server name and Character. Any posts not fitting the criteria will be deleted without notice.
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    As a soccer coach I right before christmas finished my education that will make it possible to work higher league clubs, so I had a really good ending of this year. I will also celebrate New Years eve on ski vacction whit my GF and her family. 2014 will have good start, when I will continue my soccer coach education whit UEFA Diploma B. Hope you all had a good year and that 2014 will bring happiness and joy to everyone!

    S48 Frost Forest (US East)


    • #3
      Server 12: FatedOne

      We could call 2013 a good year. So many events have happened both painful and happy that can not be forgotten.
      The gains and losses equal out and the friends I've made over the year have brought the year to a good close.

      The brightest part of the following year would be to see more people care about others more than themselves. It is my belief that in the coming years we will all have to work together to be happy. We can do that can't we? It is not about giving, but about the impact and happiness we can bring to others. A guild can be expanded to something greater.
      Fate Server 12
      I choose my Fate


      • #4
        My 2013 highlights are my fleeting years of youth. My hope for 2014 is to win the lottery, world peace can come second.

        I like telling the truth

        S23 Spirea


        • #5
          As a kid I enjoy playing dragon pals because it will have more friends
          in 2014 I hope that the Dragon Pals will be having more events and more
          rewards that will be given by the players and I hope in 2014 that
          I can get wings free without recharging you know I am a kid cant
          recharge so dragon pals will have more events to be given by the
          Dragon Pals maker and that's all...

          BestGirl is my character

          s63 Vinoriath
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          • #6
            2013 there are more experience of the Dragon Pals Like the events and activities
            In Christmas the Dragon Pals make the people happy because they receive
            bountiful rewards for the event and I hope in 2014 the dragon pals will be having
            more events to coming to make the dragon pals player happy because they
            will get beautiful rewards such as wings, outfits, shards and more thats all
            I hope it will have more events to coming thank you and merry christmas and
            Happy new year

            S63 Vinoriath (europe)

            Bestgirl is my character name
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              hhhhhmmmmm...... Not sure if i will post to the expert here or just leave it to the expert writers.Oh i just did!! yeah

              S52 Snowhedge

              ahgadfaha my awesome character!!!


              • #8
                2013 is a good year because it have more events and activities that will make the character stronger
                and 2013 is a good year because it will make us have more friends

                2014 hope the dragon pals will be having more events coming to the servers by the maker of
                the dragon pals hope I can get more items from the events thats all.....

                S63 Vinoriath

                Name: Bestgirl
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                • #9
                  S69 Xenoarms

                  Marry Christmas to you all my friends on Dragon Pals..
                  I hope everthing on 2014 could be better than 2013..


                  • #10
                    ring in the new year

                    2013...seen not working well to me,all been mess up.But yea..not all of them,im losing my contract work and its all cause my friend mistake.I give contract work to my best friend and finally he ruined everything,take my money and not settled the job..
                    And at the end i need to setlled it till finish and lucky me its been settled on time.But...after that,i never get any contract work any more..cause been blacklist.OMG..
                    And lucky family ALWAYS with me...whatever happen,they never leave
                    And seen..when end of 2013,i got my job back
                    really hope 2014 will be good start and be happy ending on THE END....
                    Last edited by sedie; 12-26-2013, 04:49 AM. Reason: forget char name and server


                    • #11
                      I know that this letter is a bit stupid but I want to write this year 2013 was a year of suffering but at the same time happy because there were people or games that you threw out the moral, in fact every day after eating and studying I was always going to play dragon pals because then forgot the bad things that had happened I hope this letter like S69 Fangwood Forest and my name is sasa456


                      • #12
                        2013 was a real bummer lol. I hope for 2014 that my kids will be happy and more work will come my way..except that means even less time for this game which i have come to love because of the people I have met.


                        • #13
                          Merry Christmas and happy new year! My hopes for 2014? Lottery, 2014 is my year.
                          S70 Hacker


                          • #14
                            2013 was a years of highs and lows for me. Suffering from some medical things that left doctors stumped, now at the end of the year finally have a diagnosis for the most nagging of the symptoms, severe edema of the feet caused by venous insufficiency and dealing with fibromyalgia on top of the lung problems that have been part of my life for so long. Without the love and support of my partner and my friends here at Dragon Pals and R2 in general I would be in a lot worse shape now. I went from being told I was dying to having hope of a normal life for more years with my husband.

                            I hope that for 2014 that the great games here at R2 continue to grow and the lottery numbers appear in my head, that life continues to be dotted with continued fulfilled hopes and dreams. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Year. May the Goddess shine her light upon you and bathe you in the radiance of her wisdom and love.


                            Yeah, he's SOOOOOOO romantic

                            Personal: Married to the most wonderful man in the world. Love you, Kit. Cara 'ch, 'm blaidd.

                            Honesty is an expensive gift, don't expect it from cheap people.

                            Demented children don't impress me.


                            • #15
                              half of the year with an impressive dragon pals made ​​me meet up with new friends, especially friends of the guild faithful. hopefully in 2014 dragon pals make the event easier for players to get free wings and discounts for all items

                              [S26] thieves forest,