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accumulated gold coins dissapeared

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  • AdWingsx
    started a topic accumulated gold coins dissapeared

    accumulated gold coins dissapeared

    [S109] Moon Temple (US West
    character name: ThreeSeven
    browser: Google Chrome
    Date some time between 8/23/2014 - 8/24/2214, bug realized on 8/24/2014
    When I logged on on 8/24 i found out that i had '0' returned gold coins but i still had 6 gold coins.
    I remember still having about 200 returned gold yesterday and i did not spend it
    the 25 gold coins in the screen shot i just received from the 'VIP Daily Pack'
    after refreshing the page, only the 6 gold and 25 returned gold remains

    Click image for larger version

Name:	37.PNG
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Size:	366.5 KB
ID:	1755704

  • R276817673
    filed the ticket

    its difficult to use up 200 returned gold just by one or two clicks
    and some of those things uses vouchers which is automatically chosen first which i also check because im paranoid
    sometimes i don't even use the free uses in the offerings and that day i did it in the morning rather than night so i should still have them
    if my account was hacked i doubt they would only spend my returned gold
    but if they did i would at least like to know where it was spent...or reversed hopefully

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  • rro123
    There's two possibilities of it happening:
    1. Your account was hacked or used by someone, and they spent your GC.
    2. You used the coins without realizing it. This happen to me once, when i reset my battle in legendary challenge. I didn't realize that reset the progress in legendary challenge consumes golds, and thus making me lose a lot of gold. And there's other activity that might costs you some golds, such as clicking more than trice at amethyst or dragon soul offering, or locking refinement for equipment.
    Last edited by rro123; 08-24-2014, 11:17 AM.

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  • Edygiusz
    You need to file a ticket at

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