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Free Gold Offers Not Working Or Bugged

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  • Free Gold Offers Not Working Or Bugged

    Recently I've done around 20+ of the free gold offers. It's been about 2 days since I started doing them. I have not received anything from them and have even gotten viruses from a few of them. Namely the one to download and use YoutubeDownloader. That one crashed my computer and I had to manually remove the program and virus. Is there any chance on having these fixed? I know its namely sponsor controlled, but it's kinda driving me crazy lol.

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    Sorry, but we dont deal with issues about free gold offers, each of free offers provider have their own support.
    From my own experience i can tell that videos is one of the betters offer to do.
    It doesnt require to download or install anything, it doesnt require to complete surveys or register(those offers have a strict region requierment, so often you just do an empty effort) and they often are paid.
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      kk was just told to try asking here