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wierdest glitch ever

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  • wierdest glitch ever

    ummmmm not even sure how to describe it but I will try and then post screen shots, cause I have a few different issues. when I logged in today I noticed that My dragon wasnt morphed any more and isnt giving me a br boost, so I went to look and see if I can get them morphed again but when I went into that panel the morphs I have unlocked are not giving Me the morph option and all the upgrades I have done to them are not showing up. ontop of that Im having an inventory issue where some of the icons are missing and others are replaced by pictures of someone I dont know. here you can see the issues

    Click image for larger version

Name:	dp messed up1.png
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ID:	1755800Click image for larger version

Name:	dp messed up2.png
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Name:	dp messed up3.png
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Name:	dp messed up4.png
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Name:	dp messed up5.png
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ID:	1755804

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    possible flash player problem, try remove cookies and cache.
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      already did that the screen shots are from after doing that


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        Try reinstalling flash player.


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          didnt help


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            With morphs or with inventory issues?


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              file a ticket and include a link to the screenshots ( the screenshots need to be hosted in a host site and links to the image, put in the ticket )
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                ok I will work on filing a ticket because nothing that has been done or tried has worked at all