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Guild warehouse mail

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  • Guild warehouse mail

    I got accidently kicked from my guild and the mail with all my stuff got deleted by the system and I didn't get to claim it, because it got deleted so early. So please I would like to get it back, because there was a lot of crystals, outfits, my God dragon, pets shards, wings shards etc etc.

    Player: Eyrst
    Server: S30 Mayan Percipice (US East)

    Thank you!!

  • #2
    unfortunately there is not much we can do as the system does not log what is transferred from the vault to the character

    with the god dragon, you may need to file a ticket as that is not a item that you can go and get again, it has to be manually credited by the R2 team
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      So there's nothing I can do to get my stuff back... even if i spend gold coins or money..
      how helpful. Thanks


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        And definitely I wont spend my money on this game again!!


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          Eyrst, there was a not an early loss on the guild mail. You simply didn't retrieve it, you were told properly about what to do about the one item you can not gain again. Now, the answer would be the same for anyone this happened to, it's not a matter of who spends or doesn't spend. It's a matter of personal responsibility.
          File a ticket
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            yeah it is a matter of responsability of the game provider to help the player, Not to just tell us.. you can't, you won't... etc etc.. And No I didn't retrieve it cause it disappear So Early.. Thank you!
            The Game have lots of bugs and you guys do nothing to fix it, CSC, Supporter's pass lost in CSC because of BUG, Gold coins, Magic Lamp and Now the warehouse mail disappear.. and you are telling me it is my fault?? all of that for sure
            Last edited by Eyrst; 10-14-2014, 09:01 AM.


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              If car crashes when driver falls asleep driving, usually its not road or car constructors fault.
              If you dont claim items after they was sent in mail and it gets deleted after 3 days, its not our fault. You had time and possibility to claim it.