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Jade issues....

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  • Jade issues....

    Yeah, I spent a lot of amethyst on jade this morning to evolve my team.....Synthesized about 40 lvl 4 jade, and went to evolve one of my team....I thought it was strange that it said I did not have enough to evolve him, so I refreshed, and found to my shock that I have 3 lvl 4 jade, 1 lvl 3, and 1 lvl 2....Really? I get that you all have issues with this server, but this is crazy. I am about to quit this game due to this issue...

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    Have you tried to reset your cache and cookies?
    Also you sure that you accidentally didnt evolved some other monster in your team? Its often happens to other players.


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      Jade issues.

      I posted a report Saturday evening via this site on an Issue I had with Jade during this Holloween thing.....I have not had anyone contact me, and the vet assures me its being handled, however I am starting to get really irritated.....I lost just about 10mil in Jade while synthesizing Saturday. It gave me 3 lvl 4 jade, this is wrong on so many lvls, and has really stopped my growth, as I work on attaining my dragons.....Lets fix this, and do the right thing.


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        Yes I cleared, I refreshed, I did everything I needed to do....No I did not evolve anything, the whole point of synthesizing them that day was to upgrade one of my team.....Couldn't do that as this game STOLE my Jade...


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          check to see if you have any extra holy souls stones that you didn't have before.


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            Please provide info which needed to check this issue, server and character name. And time and date when it happens.
            Last edited by Alkaris; 11-03-2014, 06:07 PM.


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              [S162] Khare Desert (US East)
              Name at the time was Kendrika, name currently is Peeved off.....
              Happened prob ten mins before I posted the first report so approximately 11/01/2014 at 2:30ish pm.....Every holy stone I have was won, Infact I am pretty sure I am not high enough to synth them yet......Def, was not when this incident took place...

              I am kind of upset, as someone who pays monthly, that you are talking to me like I am some sort of moron.....I have been playing this game for a long while, on many servers, and I am a paying costumer....I have never had an issue like this, and would not have brought it up, if it did not in fact happen.......
              Last edited by Alkaris; 11-04-2014, 12:12 AM.


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                Ok, i will get it checked.


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                  Can you check your name one more time, we cant locate character on server.