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Not Getting Rewards

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  • Not Getting Rewards

    I just put $60 (6000 gold) on the game & bought myself 5 rings from extra value gifts for 1200 gold each & I didn't get The Generous Hero or It Pays To Consume from hot events, sorry if Im not supposed to write it in here but Im not good with doing forums & I don't know how to write a ticket but please help me, thank you very much.

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    Extra value packs is not counted towards those events, it clearly said in event description.


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      well I spent 1000 of returned gold over the past two days for nightmare abyss and to get 1 month vip and got up to the 1000 gold for It Pays to Consume but ok besides that it doesn't say it doesn't count for the The Generous Hero hot event. sorry, to be clear it says that returned gold doesn't count for that either but that's what I used to get vip and extra attempts for nightmare abyss for It Pays to Consume to receive rewards.
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        Sorry, are you reporting issue that your gold spent on extra value packs did not count towards Generous Hero(which is not an issue) or issue that returned gold counts toward Pay to consume(looks like description issue)?
        Your posts describe different cases and i cant understand what issue you are reporting.


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          Im reporting that I spent money on the game & I believe I should have received rewards for Generous Hero, which for me is an issues since it was my money spent & it does not say anywhere in hot events that it doesn't count to such.


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            Extra value packs is not counting for Generous Hero. Its not a bug.